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All abstracts by Kenneth H. Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Quantifying Groundwater Inputs to the East River, CO Using 222Rn Measurements and Xe Reaeration
Christensen JN, Visser A, Newman A, Burt E, Newcomer ME, Carroll RWH & Williams KH

(2019) Biogeochemical Controls on River Water Quality Under Transient Hydrological and Thermal Conditions
Dwivedi D, Arora B, Newcomer M, Dafflon B, Faybishenko B, Nico P & Williams K

(2019) Quantifying Rock-Nitrogen Export from a Shale Hillslope to Floodplain in the East River Watershed, Colorado
Wan J, Tokunaga T, Bouskill N, Tfaily M, Brown W, Dong W, Maavara T, Henderson A, Williams K & Hubbard S

(2015) Chemical and Isotopic Dynamics of Spring Water Table Rise at Rifle, CO
Christensen JN, Brown ST, Basu A, Schilling K, Conrad ME, Bill M, Williams KH, Johnson TM, Shiel AE, Yang L, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Yabusaki SB, Maher K, Weaver K, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2015) Uranium Biogeochemistry: Nanometer to Regional Scales
Bargar J, Williams K, Bone S, Boye K, Janot N & Noel V

(2015) Noninvasive Characterization of Biogeochemical Hotspots Using Induced Polarization Imaging
Wainwright H, Flores-Orozco A, Bücker M, Dafflon B, Chen J, Hubbard S & Williams K

(2015) Regional Importance of Organic-Rich Sediments to Uranium Mobility in the Upper Colorado River Basin
Noël V, Bargar J, Boye K, Cardarelli E, Bone S, Lezama-Pacheco J, Williams K, Dam W, Bush R, Dayvault J, Linard J, Kautsky M, Johnson R & Goodknight G

(2015) Seasonial Variations and Cycling of Sulfate Using Sulfur Isotopes and Concentrations from an Unsaturated Zone of a Floodplain
Bill M, Conrad ME, Williams KH, Brown ST & Hobson C

(2015) Characterization and Impact of Organic-Rich Sediments on Uranium Behavior in the Rifle Aquifer, CO
Janot N, Lezama-Pacheco J, Pham D, O'Brien T, Hausladen D, Williams K, Long P, Fendorf S & Bargar J

(2015) Biogeochemical Transformations Mediated by Subsurface Microbial Communities
Banfield J, Anantharaman K, Castelle C, Brown C, Hug L, Probst A, Sharon I, Hernsdorf A, Amano Y & Williams K

(2014) Iron and Carbon Dynamics during the Reductive Transformation of Organic Matter-Rich Fe(III) Oxyhydroxides
Cismasu C, Williams K & Nico P

(2014) Arsenic Chronospeciation in a Biostimulated Aquifer
Hobson C, Williams K, Ranville J & Stucker V

(2014) Constraints from U and Sr Isotopes on the Hydrology of a Alluvial Aquifer at Rifle, Colorado
Christensen JN, Shiel AE, Conrad ME, Williams KH, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Wan J, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2014) A Floodplain Perspective on Elemental Cycling and Uranium Plume Persistence
Williams K & Bargar J

(2014) Prediction of the Biogeochemical Roles of Uncultivated Bacteria and Archaea in the Subsurface
Banfield J, Castelle C, Hug L, Wrighton K, Sharon I, Brown C, Kantor R, Singh A, Thomas B, Luef B, Comolli L, Williams K, Long P & Hubbard S

(2014) 238U/235U Changes in Groundwater Associated with Re-oxidation of Reductively Immobilized Uranium
Shiel A, Lundstrom C, Johnson T, Long P & Williams K

(2014) Carbon Transport and Transformation from Vadose Zone to Groundwater
Wan J, Dong W, Tokunaga T, Williams K, Kim Y, Conrad M, Long P & Hubbard S

(2014) Assessing the Potential of Geophysical Methods to Detect Subsurface Changes in Iron-Mineral Chemistry
Rosier C, Keating K, Ntarlagiannis D, Williams K, Walsh D & Grunewald E

(2014) NOM Molecular Characterization to Better Understand Uranium Mobility in Aquifer Sediments and Groundwater
Evert MH, Williams KH, Lenhart JJ, Wilkins MJ & Mouser PJ

(2014) Effect of Groundwater Solutes on Uraninite Stability: Laboratory and Field Studies
Cerrato J, Lezama-Pacheco J, Williams K, Long P, Alessi D, Suvorova E, Bernier-Latmani R, Giammar D & Bargar J

(2014) Viral Influence on Subsurface Biogeochemcial Cycling and Heavy Metal Transport
Weber K, Pan D, Tan Z, Wang D, Williams K, Robbins M, Snow D, Kananizadeh N & Li Y

(2014) Bioremediation to Plume Persistence: Uranium Biogeochemistry in Naturally and Artificially Bioreduced Aquifer Sediments
Bargar J, Janot N, Alessi D, Jones M, Williams K, Long P, Bernier-Latmani R & Cerrato J

(2014) Genome-To-Watershed Predictive Understanding of Terrestrial Biogeochemical Functioning: ‘Sustainable Systems 2.0’
Hubbard S, Agarwal D, Banfield J, Beller H, Brodie E, Long P, Nico P, Steefel C, Tokunaga T & Williams K

(2013) Changes in 238U/235U Associated with Reductive Immobilization of Uranium in Groundwater
Shiel A, Lundstrom C, Johnson T, Laubach P, Long P & Williams K

(2013) Linking Fluvial Processes and Elemental Cycling within the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Williams K, Robbins M, Yabusaki S & Long P

(2013) Fe and S Redox Cycling during a Biostimulation Episode at the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Janot N, Lezama-Pacheco J, Alessi D, Bernier-Latmani R, Suvorova E, Cerrato J, Giammar D, Yang L, Davis J, Fox P, Williams K, Long P, Handley K & Bargar J

(2013) Speciation of Uranium Products Formed during in situ Biostimulation of the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Alessi D, Janot N, Lezama-Pacheco J, Suvorova E, Cerrato J, Giammar D, Fox P, Williams K, Long P, Handley K, Wrighton K, Miller C, Yang L, Bernier-Latmani R & Bargar J

(2012) Highly Depleted Colorado Plateau Gypsum Deposits Attributed to Multiple Episodes of Redox Cycling
Conrad ME, Williams KH, Druhan JL & Lukens WW

(2012) Manipulating Uranium Redox Status in an Alluvial Aquifer: Insights from Electron Donor Amendment Experiments
Long P, Williams K, Banfield J, Bargar J, Davis J, Fox P, Handley K, Hatfield K, Lovley D, Verberkmoes N, Wilkins M, Wrighton K, Yabusaki S & Science Team RI

(2012) Electron Donor Utilization during the Bioreduction of Uranium
Jaffe P, Barlett M, Kerkhoff L, Long P, Lovley D, McGuinness L, Moon HS, Peacock A, Tan H & Williams K

(2012) Calcium Isotope Fractionation as a Function of Solution Stoichiometry in Groundwater
Druhan J, Steefel C, Williams K, Neilsen L & DePaolo D

(2012) Uranium Isotope Fractionation Associated with Biostimulation Experiments at the Old Rifle Mill Site
Shiel A, Laubach P, Johnson T, Lundstrom C, Williams K & Long P

(2011) Speciation and Dynamics of Biologically Reduced U(IV) in the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Bargar J, Stubbs J, Suvorova E, Williams K, Campbell K, Lezama-Pacheco J, Cerrato J, Stylo M, Alessi D, Webb S, Bernier-latmani R, Giammar D, Davis J, Fox P & Long P

(2011) A Coupled Ion Exchange, Surface Complexation, Calcite Dissolution, and Mass Transfer Model to Describe Uranium(VI) Desorption and Reactive Transport at the Rifle (USA) Field Site
Davis J, Hay M, Fox P & Williams K

(2011) Effects of Microbial Activity and Electron Shuttles on the Reduction of U(VI) Under Sulfidogenic Conditions
O'Loughlin EJ, Boyanov MI, Kwon MJ, Long P, Williams K & Kemner KM

(2011) Characterization of Elemental Sulfur Reducing Bacteria Using Transmission Electron Microscopy and their Impact on Sulfur Isotope Fractionation
Williams K, Wilkins M, Dohnalkova A, Druhan J & Conrad M

(2010) Permeability Reduction, Calcium and Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Uranium Bioremediation
Druhan J, Conrad M, Williams K & DePaolo D

(2010) Investigating the Effect of Electro-Active Ion Concentration on Induced Polarization Signatures Arising from Biomineral Formation
Ntarlagiannis D, Williams K, Slater L, Hubbard S & Wu Y

(2010) Formation of Selenium Nanospheres Accompanying Bioremediation of a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Williams KH, N'Guessan AL, Wilkins MJ & Long PE

(2010) Visualization of Hydrated Bacterial Structures by Complementary Electron Microscopy Technique
Marshall MJ, Dohnalkova AC, Arey BW, Williams KH & Fredrickson JK

(2010) A Perspective on Nanominerals and their Roles in Microbial Ecosystesms
Banfield J, Zhang H, Gilbert B, Williams K, Singer S & Waychunas G

(2009) Thermodynamic Controls on the Bioreduction of U, V, and Fe
Steefel C, Williams K, Yang L & Li L

(2009) Isotopic Signatures for Key Mineralogical Reactions Accompanying Biostimulated Uranium Reduction
Druhan JL, Conrad ME, Williams KH, Sonnenthal EL & DePaolo DJ

(2008) Modeling of Thermodynamic and Kinetic Controls on Complex Biogeochemical Reaction Networks
Steefel CI, Williams KH, Li L & Davis JA

(2008) Microbial, Geochemical, and Physical Responses to Biostimulation for U(VI) Reduction in Soil Columns
Jaffe P, ElBishlawi H, Kerkhoff L, Kukkadapu R, Long P, McGuinness L, Moon HS, Peacock A, Wilkins M & Williams K

(2008) Characterizing the Extent and Role of Natural Subsurface Bioreduction in a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Campbell KM, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Williams K, Lesher E, Figuera L, Peacock A, Davis J, Icenhower J & Long P

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