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All abstracts by Lynda Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Quantification of Li Content in Organic Matrices by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Teichert Z, Bose M, Williams P, Hervig R & Williams L

(2018) Syn-Metamorphic Fluids as Sources of Rare Element Pegmatites: B Isotopes, Fluid Inclusions and U-Pb Petrochronology of the Late Pan-African Elat Metamorphic Complex, S Israel
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Vapnik Y, Williams L, Kylander-Clark A & Dvir O

(2016) The Effect of Magnetite Upon the Transformations of Carboxylic Acids at Hydrothermal Conditions
Johnson K, Williams L, Gould I, Hartnett H & Shock E

(2014) Boron Isotope Measurements of Oil Shale and Coal Combustion Products
Williams L, Bose M & Anderson J

(2010) Abiotic Organic Synthesis in Clays
Holloway J, Williams L, Canfield B, Dick J, Hartnett H & Shock E

(2010) Ex situ Studies of Nanominerals by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Williams L, Hervig R & Srodon J

(2010) Reversible Functional Group Interconversion in Organic Hydrothermal Reactions – The Central Role of Ketones
Yang Z, Gould I, Williams L, Hartnett H & Shock E

(2010) Mechanistic Organic Geochemistry of Carboxylic Acids
Glein C, Gould I, Williams L, Hartnett H & Shock E

(2010) Minerals Affect the Interconversion between Alkanes and Alkenes in Hydrothermal Systems
Shipp J, Hartnett H, Gould I, Shock E & Williams L

(2009) Evaluating the Oxidation State of Antibacterial Minerals
Metge D, Harvey R, Eberl D, Wasylenki L & Williams L

(2008) Boron Isotopes in the Nakhlites: Implications for Crustal Fluids on Mars
Spivak-Birndorf L, Wadhwa M & Williams L

(2008) Tracing Natural Gas Migration Using Boron and Lithium Isotopes
Williams L, Elliott C & Hervig R

(2006) SIMS Microanalyses of Li and B Isotopes: Quantification and Applications to the Earth's Crust.
Hervig R, Williams L & Bell D

(2005) Probing Crystal Growth Mechanisms with Non-Traditional Isotopes
Williams L & Hervig R

(2004) Importance of Immiscible CO2-H2O Fluids for Geochemical Processes in Low to Moderate Temperature Crustal Environments
Kaszuba J, Williams L, Janecky D & Hollis K

(2002) Smectite Incubation of Organic Molecules Under Seafloor Hydrothermal Conditions
Williams L, Canfield B, Holloway J & Williams P

(2001) Isotopic and Elemental Partitioning of Boron between Hydrous Fluid and Melt
Hervig RL, Moore G, Holloway JR & Williams LB

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