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All abstracts by Anthony E. Williams-Jones in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Fluid Evolution within the Strange Lake Peralkaline Pluton
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2015) Speciation and Solubility of Gold in CO2-HCl-H2O Fluids: MD Simulations and Solubility Experiments
Liu W, Mei Y, Brugger J, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2015) Volatile Phase Variations in Metal Concentrations and Redox States during Merapi Volcano Eruptive Cycles: Insights into the Genesis of Porphyry Systems
Nadeau O, Stix J & Williams-Jones AE

(2015) Metal Transport in Vapour-Like Magmatic Fluids and Porphyry-Epithermal Ore Formation
Hurtig NC & Williams-Jones AE

(2015) Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Hydrothermal REE Ore Forming Processes in the Crust
Gysi A, Williams-Jones A & Harlov D

(2015) Controls on the Transport and Deposition of Metals in Ore-Forming Hydrothermal Systems
Williams-Jones A

(2015) The Amphiboles of the REE-Enriched, Strange Lake Peralkaline Granitic Pluton – Fingerprints of Magma Evolution
Siegel K & Williams-Jones AE

(2014) Gold and Uraninite Formation by Immiscible Fluid Intermixing in the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Fuchs S, Schumann D, Williams-Jones A & Vali H

(2014) Solubility of Pd and Zn in Hydrocarbons: Application to Ore Genesis
Sugiyama I, Pearce A, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2014) The Solubility and Speciation of Niobium in Fluoride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Timofeev A, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2014) Metal Transport in Vapor Fluids: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Mei Y, Migdisov AA, Brugger J, van Hinsberg VJ, Liu W & Williams-Jones AE

(2014) New Evidence for Fluoride-Silicate Liquid Immiscibility in the Strange Lake Granites
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2013) The Impact of Element Speciation on Apparent Partition Coefficients
van Hinsberg V, Wood B, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2013) The Role of Fluoride-Silicate Liquid Immiscibility in REE Ore Genesis
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2013) Rare Earth Element Ore Genesis – The Great Unknown
Williams-Jones A

(2013) Niobium and Tantalum Mineralization in the Nechalacho REE Deposit, NWT, Canada
Timofeev A & Williams-Jones AE

(2012) Modelling the Vapour Transport of Au, Ag, and Cu Chlorides at High Temperature Based on New Experimental Data
Migdisov A, Hurtig N & Williams-Jones A

(2012) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Strange Lake Peralkaline Granitic Pluton, Canada: Implications for REE/HFSE Mobility
Gysi A & Williams-Jones A

(2012) Evolution of the Strange Lake Pluton: Insights from Melt and Fluid Inclusions
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2012) The Magmatic and Metasomatic Formation of Zircon in the Nechalacho Deposit at Thor Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
Moeller V & Williams-Jones AE

(2012) The Effect of Different Metal Species on the Evolution with Pressure of Hydration Clusters in Water Vapour
Hurtig N, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2012) The Distribution of Gallium in the Nechalacho REE Deposit, NWT, Canada
Timofeev A & Williams-Jones AE

(2012) Fluoride Complexation of Hafnium Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Loges A, Migdisov AA, Wagner T, Williams-Jones AE & Markl G

(2012) Controls on the Carbonation of Steel Slag
Berryman E, Williams-Jones A, Migdisov A & van der Laan S

(2012) The Role of Fluids in the Formation of REE (-Zr, Nb, Ta) Deposits Associated with Alkaline Plutons
Samson I & Williams-Jones A

(2012) Electrochemical Precipitation of Gold from a Hydrothermal Fluid in the Black and Kimberley Reefs, South Africa
Fuchs S, Williams-Jones AE & Przybylowicz W

(2012) Solubility of Palladium (Pd) in Hydrocarbons: Application to Ore Genesis
Sugiyama I & Williams-Jones A

(2012) An Experimental Study of the Stability of the REE(III) in Sulphate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Bourque N, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2011) Carbonation of Steel Slag I
Berryman E, Williams-Jones A, Migdisov A & van der Laan S

(2011) Carbonation of Steel Slag II
van der Laan S, Liebske C, Kobesen H, Berryman E, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2011) Hydrothermal Alteration and Ni Sulphide Formation in the Bon Accord Ni-Oxide Body, Barberton, South Africa
Wildau A, Williams-Jones AE & Tredoux M

(2011) Fluoride Complexation of Yttrium Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Loges A, Migdisov A, Wagner T, Williams-Jones A & Markl G

(2011) The Solubility of Gold in Water-Hydrogen Sulphide Vapours
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2011) New Insights into Gold Transport in HCl-Bearing Vapour at Elevated Temperatures
Hurtig NC, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2011) The Transport of Gold in Petroleum: An Experimental Study
Fuchs S, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2011) An Experimental Study of the Stability of Hydrosulfide Species of Fe(II) at Hydrothermal Conditions
Migdisov A, Zezin D & Williams-Jones A

(2010) Lattice-Strain Modeling of Fluid Compositions in Subduction Zones and the Mid-Ocean Ridges
van Hinsberg V & Williams-Jones A

(2010) An Experimental Study of the Stability of Hydrosulfide Species of Co(II) at Hydrothermal Conditions
Migdisov A, Zezin D & Williams-Jones A

(2010) Experimental Data and Equation of State for Modeling of PVTx Properties of H2O-H2S Mixtures
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones AE

(2009) The Stability of Zr in F-Bearing Hydrothermal Solutions
Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2009) Modeling of Fluid Phase Equilibria for H2S-H2O Mixtures to 400℃
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones AE

(2008) The Vapour Transport of Metals: A View from the Ivory Tower of Experimental Geochemistry
Williams-Jones A, Migdisov A, Rempel K & Zezin D

(2008) Reconstructing Fluid Chemistry from Mineral-Fluid Partitioning Using the Lattice-Strain Model
van Hinsberg V & Williams-Jones A

(2008) The Partitioning of Molybdenum between Aqueous Liquid and Vapour at High Temperatures and Pressures
Rempel K, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2008) The Solubility of Au in H2O-H2S Gas Mixtures
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones AE

(2008) Speciation of REE(III) in Chloride-, Fluoride-, and Sulphate-Bearing Solutions: Solubility and Spectroscopic Studies
Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2007) The Effects of Sodium and Chlorine on the Solubility of Molybdenum in Aqueous Vapour
Rempel K, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2007) The Solubility of Gold in H2S Vapor
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones AE

(2006) An experimental study of solubility and speciation of NdF3 in F-bearing aqueous solutions
Migdisov A & Williams-Jones AE

(2006) An experimental study of the solubility of gold in crude oil: implications for ore genesis
Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2005) Carbonic Vapor-Dominated Fluid Systems in Orogenic-Type Au Deposits
Chi G, Williams-Jones AE, Dube B & Williamson K

(2005) Molybdenum Solubility and Speciation in Water Vapor at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures
Rempel KU, Williams-Jones AE & Migdisov AA

(2005) Vapor as a Medium for the Transport of Metals: Implications for Ore Deposit Modeling
Williams-Jones A, Heinrich C & Migdisov A

(2005) Quantitative Major, Minor & Trace Element Analysis of Minerals by LA-ICPMS Without an Internal Standard
Gagnon J, Fryer B, Williams-Jones A & Samson I

(2004) Vapour Transport of Metals in Cu-Au Porphyry-Epithermal Systems
Williams-Jones A, Migdisov A & Archibald S

(2004) A Spectrophotometric Study of Palladium (II) Complexation in Chloride Solutions
Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2004) The Solubility of Molybdenum in Water Vapour at Elevated Temperature and Pressures
Rempel K, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A

(2004) Crystallographic Controls on Trace Element Incorporation in Auriferous Pyrite from the Epithermal High-Sulphidation Pascua Deposit, Chile-Argentina
Chouinard A, Paquette J & Williams-Jones A

(2002) Boron Partitioning in the haplogranite-NaCl-H2O System at 800C and 100 MPa
Schatz OJ, Dolejs D, Stix J, Williams-Jones AE & Layne GD

(2000) The Stability of Group IB (Cu, Ag, Au) Metals in Water Vapour at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures
Archibald SM, Migdisov AA & Williams-Jones AE

(2000) An Experimental Study of the Solubility of Liquid Mercury in Octane and Dodecane at Temperatures up to 200º C
Migdisov AA, Kister P & Williams-Jones AE

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