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All abstracts by Gisela Winckler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Insights into Southern Ocean Dynamics during the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition from Benthic Foraminiferal Stable Carbon Isotopes
Gottschalk J, Hasenfratz AP, Middleton JL, Farmer JR, Michel E, Hanley J, Knudson C, Science Party E3, Jaccard SL, Lamy F & Winckler G

(2023) Dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current over the Past Five Million Years (IODP Expedition 383 – DYNAPACC)
Lamy F & Winckler G

(2023) Resetting Parameters from Ar Diffusion Experiments for Earthquake Illite Thermochronology
Cox SE, Coffey GL, Everard JL, Hemming SR, Savage HM, Polissar PJ, Winckler G & Krogh JE

(2023) Deep Ocean Circulation Changes in the South Pacific during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Symes E, Basak C, Middleton JL, Farmer JR, Winckler G, Cruz APS & Science Party E3

(2023) Plio-Pleistocene Dust Fluxes to the Western Equatorial Pacific Constrained via Helium Isotopes and Sedimentary 10Be
Middleton JL & Winckler G

(2021) Global Patterns in Oceanographic Influences on 10Be Deposition Rates to the Seafloor
Middleton JL, Winckler G, Schaefer J, Pavia F, Anderson R, Schwartz R, Zhou Y & Kinsley C

(2019) He-3 and Cl-36 Cosmogenic Surface Exposure Ages from Alpine Glacier Deposits in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
Lamp J, Swanger K, Winckler G, Schaefer J, Schimmelpfennig I & Finkel R

(2019) Systematics of Helium in Deep Earth Diamond-Hosted C-O-H Fluids
Weiss Y, Class C, Goldstein S, Winckler G & Kiro Y

(2018) New Zealand as a Potential Source of Mineral Dust to the Atmosphere and Ocean during Glacials
Koffman B, Goldstein S, Winckler G, Kaplan M, Bolge L, Cai Y, Recasens C & Koffman T

(2018) Drivers and Impacts of Saharan Dust Variability over the Last 240 kyr
McGee D, Skonieczny C, Kinsley C, Winckler G, Bradtmiller L, Bory A, Polissar P & deMenocal P

(2017) Sources of Glacial South Pacific Dust
Struve T, Wengler M, Lamy F, Winckler G & Pahnke K

(2017) The Response of the Subantarctic Pacific to Climate Change: Reconstructing Dust Flux and Biological Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
Winckler G, Anderson RF, Park J, Schwarz R, Lamp J, Shoenfelt E, Pahnke K, Struve T, Kuhn G, Wengler M & Lamy F

(2014) Dust in the Southern Hemisphere – From Source to Sink
Winckler G, Borunda A, Koffman B, Recasens C, Pavia F, Kaplan M, Goldstein S, Schwarz R, Anderson R, Lamy F, Gersonde R & Pahnke K

(2014) Glacial-To-Interglacial Changes in Nitrate Supply and Consumption in the Subarctic North Pacific from Microfossil-Bound N Isotopes at Two Trophic Levels
Ren H, Studer A, Sigman D, Serno S, Anderson R, Winckler G, Oleynik S, Gersonde R & Haug G

(2012) Atmospheric Dust Input to the Subarctic North Pacific
Winckler G, Serno S, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Ren H, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2012) Biological Productivity in the Subarctic North Pacific and Bering Sea: A Proxy Evaluation
Serno S, Winckler G, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Ren H, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2012) Origin and Evolution of Red Sea Brines – Insights from Noble Gases
Winckler G, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kipfer R, Botz R, Schmidt M & Bonatti E

(2012) Studies of Surface Ocean Nitrate Utilization in the Subarctic North Pacific Using Multiple Nitrogen Isotope Recorders in the Surface Sediment
Ren H, Anderson RF, Studer AS, Serno S, Sigman DM, Winckler G, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2009) Gustiness: The Driver of Glacial Dustiness?
McGee D, Broecker W & Winckler G

(2009) Helium Isotopes Reveal Hydrothermal Activity in the Southern Ocean: Filling the ‘blank Spot’ on the Global Map of Hydrothermal Venting
Winckler G, Newton R & Schlosser P

(2008) Bedrock Erosion Rates in the Antarctic Dry Valleys
Balco G, Putkonen J, Morgan D, Schaefer J & Winckler G

(2008) Testing the Response of xs230Th and Extraterrestrial 3He to Sediment Redistribution at the Blake Ridge, Western North Atlantic
McGee D, Marcantonio F, McManus JF & Winckler G

(2008) Extraterrestrial 3He and Constraints on Eolian Fluxes and Provenance in Sediments from the Shatsky Rise
Marcantonio F, Woodard S, Thomas D, McGee D & Winckler G

(2008) Half a Million Years of Coherent Dust Flux Variations in the Tropical Pacific and Antarctica
Winckler G, Anderson RF, McGee D, Fleisher MQ & Mahowald N

(2007) Novel Cosmogenic Iosotope Tools and Progress Towards Historic Time-Scales
Schaefer JM, Korschinek G, Faestermann T, Knie K, Finckel R, Serifiddin F, Herzog G, Winckler G, Schluechter C & Niedermann S

(2007) Tracing Terrestrial and Cosmic Dust with Helium Isotopes
Winckler G

(2006) 800,000 years of stable export productivity across the Equatorial Pacific
Winckler G & Anderson RF

(2002) Noble Gases in the Ocean – Recent Examples from the Modern and Paleocean
Winckler G & Schlosser P

(2002) Stable Equatorial Pacific Productivity over the Last 1Ma
Fleisher MQ, Winckler G, Anderson RF, Stute M & Schlosser P

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