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All abstracts by Bjoern Winkler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Simple Model for Thermodynamic Mixing Properties of Solid Solutions with Long- and Short-Range Order
Liu X, Vinograd V, Nichenko S, Kulik D, Lu X & Winkler B

(2019) Elastic Properties of Natural and Synthetic Carbonates by Brillouin Scattering
Pennacchioni L, Speziale S, Bayarjargal L & Winkler B

(2015) A Simulation Study on Mixing Thermodynamics of Rutile-Cassiterite Solid Solution
Liu X, Vinograd VL, Lu X, Leonenko EV, Eremin NN, Wang R & Winkler B

(2015) Phase Equilibria in the System (Ba, Sr, Ra)SO4 + H2O
Vinograd V, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Weber J, Rozov K, Kulik D, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2015) Raman Spectroscopy on Pressure-Induced Spin Transitions in Garnets
Friedrich A, Winkler B, Morgenroth W, Koch-Mueller M, Rhede D, Ruiz-Fuertes J, Perlov A & Milman V

(2013) Raman Spectroscopy and Powder Diffraction Study of Synthetic Coffinite (USiO4) at High Pressures
Bauer JD, Labs S, Weiss S, Bayarjagal L, Curtius H, Morgenroth W, Bosbach D, Hennig C & Winkler B

(2013) Effects of Lead and Strontium on Radium Uptake by Barite: Atomistic Simulations and Thermodynamic Assessment
Rozov K, Vinograd V, Kulik D, Brandt F, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2012) Computing the Thermodynamics and Reactivity of Carbonates from Solid State to Speciation
Gale J, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Quigley D, Gebauer D, Stack A, Dovesi R, Vinograd V & Winkler B

(2011) Thermodynamics of Rutile- and α-PbO2-type Solid Solutions from Quantum-Mechanical Calculations
Vinograd VL & Winkler B

(2011) Thermodynamics of Solid Solutions of Carbonates with Non-Isostructural End-Members: The Prediction of Solubility Limits with the Single Defect Method
Vinograd VL, Luchitskaia MI & Winkler B

(2009) Solid Solution in the System Calcite – NaEu(CO3)2
Vinograd V, Luchitskaia M, Joswig W, Stumpf T, Bosbach D & Winkler B

(2004) Self-Consistent Interatomic Potentials for Oxides: A Key to Solid Solution Modelling
Vinograd V, Winkler B, Putnis A, Hålenius U & Gale J

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