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All abstracts by Janina Wiszniewska in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Geophysical and Petrological Constraints for Ultramafic-Alkaline-Carbonatite Magmatism in the Tajno Intrusion, NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Petecki Z, Grabarczyk A & Demaiffe D

(2020) 3D Geological-Geophysical Model and Chronological Rock Sequence of the Suwałki Anorthosite Massif – NE Poland
Petecki Z, Rosowiecka O, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminska E

(2020) Mineralogical and Metamorphic Evolution of the Proterozoic Mafic Magmatic Rocks of the Basal Aravalli Sequence, Rajasthan, India
Grabarczyk A, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminska E

(2018) REE Distribution in Fe-Ti-V Deposits of the Suwalki Anorthosite Massif (NE Poland) – An Economic Importance
Ruszkowski M & Wiszniewska J

(2018) Zircon U-Pb-Hf Isotope Signature of Detritus Deposited on Fennoscandia /Sarmatia Margin (NE Poland)
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Kusiak M, Zhao L & Zhou Y

(2017) Magma Generation Processes within Mazury AMCG Suite, (NE Poland) Evidence from Inheritad Zircon
Krzeminska E & Wiszniewska J

(2017) Central European Carbonatites Under Cover: Insights for Mineral Exploration from the Tajno Alkaline Intrusions, NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Gonzalez-Alvarez I, Kusiak MA, Petecki Z & Legras M

(2011) Destruction of Paleoproterozoic Crust: Deciphered from Detrital Zircon Populations and Geochemistry of Quartzites (NE Poland)
Krzeminska E, Krzemiński L, Williams IS & Wiszniewska J

(2010) Fe-Ti Oxide Ores with P-Bearing Minerals of the Fedorivka (Ukraine) and Suwalki-Sejny (Poland) Precambrian AMCG Massifs
Shumlyanskyy L, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminska E

(2010) Regional Correlation of the Precambrian Basement Across the Baltic Sea (N Poland): Evidence from U-Pb Dating of Accessory Zircon
Krzeminska E, Williams I, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminski L

(2010) A New Early Carboniferous Alkaline Province in the Crystalline Basement of NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Krzeminski L, Demaiffe D, Stein H & Williams I

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