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All abstracts by Roy A. Wogelius in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) In situ U ReflEXAFS from Single Crystal Mineral Surfaces
Mosselmans F, Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Ryan M, Morris K & Qi J

(2013) Uranyl on Mg-Rich Minerals: Polarisation Dependent EXAFS
van Veelen A, Copping R, Law GTW, Smith AJ, Bargar JR, Shuh DK & Wogelius RA

(2013) Cs and Sr Mass Transfer Constrained via Ion Beam Analysis
Zou B, Wogelius R, Ohe T & Grime G

(2013) Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Reveals the Colourful Chemistry of Fossils
Edwards N, Manning P, Barden H, Sellers W, Bergmann U & Wogelius R

(2013) Geochemical Analysis of the Pigments and Affinity of the Jurassic Calcareous Algae Solenopora jurassica
Barden H, Withers P, Behnsen J, Bergmann U, Manning P, Wogelius R & van Dongen B

(2013) Spectroscopic Studies of Radionuclide Adsorption and Diffusion
Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Zou B, Bargar J, Brown, Jr. G, Grime G & Law G

(2011) Uranyl Coordination Chemistry on Magnesite and Brucite Surfaces: Polarisation Dependent EXAFS
van Veelen A, Law GTW, Smith AJ, Bargar JR, Rogers J & Wogelius RA

(2011) Synchrotron Rapid Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence of Soft-Tissue Fossils
Edwards N, Barden H, Manning P, Sellers W, van Dongen B, Bergmann U & Wogelius R

(2009) Molecular Interactions of Planar PAHs with Mineral Surfaces
Bryant Y, Wogelius R & Gize A

(2007) Adsorption of As(III) and As(V) onto Viviantite – Evaluation as a Sink for Arsenic in Bengali Aquifers
Islam F, Lawson M, Lythgoe P, Wogelius R, Thinnappan V, Lloyd J, Charnock J & Polya D

(2007) Surface Analytical Studies of Feldspar Surface Reaction with U(VI)
Chardon E, Bosbach D, Livens F, Lyon I, Marquardt C, Romer J, Schild D, Wincott P, Wogelius R & Vaughan D

(2004) Mineral Surface Chemistry and Conditioning Films: How do Biofilms Begin?
Wogelius R & Morris P

(2004) Organic Ligand Complexation at Mineral Surfaces Studied via Multiple Internal Reflection Spectroscopy
Morris P & Wogelius R

(2004) Kinetic and Thermodynamic Controls on the Precipitation and Morphology of Barite (BaSO4)
Stark A, Wogelius R, Collins I & Vaughan D

(2001) Sulfide Mineral Surfaces: A Key Role in Environmental Geochemistry
Vaughan DJ, Farquhar M, Moyes L, Livens FR, Pattrick RAD & Wogelius RA

(2000) Pressure Solution Studied in situ via X-Ray Reflectivity
Wogelius RA, Dysthe DK, Tang CC & Nield AA

(2000) Pyrite Surfaces – What a Difference a Day Makes
Farquhar ML, Wogelius RA & Vaughan DJ

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