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All abstracts by Douglas R. Worsnop in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Quantification of Primary Marine Organic Aerosol Properties Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometry
Ovadnevaite J, Ceburnis D, Berresheim H, Dall'Osto M, Bialek J, Monahan C, Worsnop D & O'Dowd C

(2011) Novel Approaches to Organic Aerosol Chemical Characterization
Williams B, Zhang Y, Martinez R, Docherty K, Ulbrich I, Jimenez J, Hering S, Kreisberg N, Goldstein A & Worsnop D

(2011) Changes in Organic Aerosol Composition with Aging Inferred from Aerosol Mass Spectra
Canagaratna M, Ng NL, Jimenez J-L, Chhabra P, Seinfeld J & Worsnop D

(2011) Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: Results from EUCAARI Project
Facchini MC, Finessi E, Decesari S, Paglione M, Hillamo R, Raatikainen T, O'Dowd C, Kiendler-Scharr A & Worsnop DR

(2011) Factors Affecting the Physical Phase State of SOA Particles from Biogenic and Anthropogenic Precursors
Virtanen A, Saukko E, Lambe A, Massoli P, Onasch T, Wright J, Croasdale DR, Laaksonen A, Davidovits P & Worsnop DR

(2011) How do Plant VOC Emissions Affect Atmospheric Nanoparticle Formation?
Dal Maso M, Mentel TF, Kiendler-Scharr A, Kleist E, Tillmann R, Sipilä M, Petäjä T, Hakala J, Liao L, Lehtipalo K, Kulmala M & Worsnop D

(2011) Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Constraint on the Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Budget
Spracklen D, Jimenez J, Carslaw K, Worsnop D, Evans M, Mann G, Zhang Q, Canagaratna M, Allan J, Coe H, Mcfiggans G, Rap A & Forster P

(2011) Gas Phase Low Volatility Organic Compounds (LVOCs): Measurements from Chambers, Planes and Automobiles
Cross E, Daumit K, Hunter J, Carrasquillo A, Sappok A, Wong V, Herndon S, Jayne J, Worsnop D & Kroll J

(2009) Rethinking Organic Aerosols: Semivolatile Emissions and Photochemical Aging
Donahue N, Robinson A, Pandis S, Kroll J & Worsnop D

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