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All abstracts by James Wright in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Maldives Multispecies Foraminifera Hydrography Reconstruction over the Pleistocene and Oxygen Minimum Zone History
Yu S, Godfrey L, Mortlock R & Wright J

(2012) SIMS in situ Micro-Baddeleyite U-Pb Method for Dating Mafic Rocks
Chamberlain K, Schmitt A, Swapp S, Swoboda-Colberg N, Moser D, Wright J, Bleeker W & Khudoley A

(2011) Are Large Igneous Provinces Net-Sinks for CO2?
Schaller M, Wright J & Kent D

(2009) Nd Isotopes in the Norwegian Sea: Glacial-Interglacial ISOW Variability?
Scrivner A, Piotrowski A, Elmore A, Wright J & Rosenthal Y

(2009) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of North Atlantic Fe-Mn Oxides
Elmore A, Piotrowski A, Wright J & Scrivner A

(2008) Stable Isotopic Tracers for Variations in Surface and Deep Water Circulation in the North Atlantic Since ~ 13 ka
Elmore A, Wright J & Henderson S

(2008) Neodymium Isotopic Reconstruction of Past North Atlantic Surface and Deep Water Compositions
Scrivner A, Piotrowski A, Elmore A & Wright J

(2005) The Mineralogical Facies Developed within an Apatite II PRB for Pb, Cd and Zn Acid Mine Drainage
Conca JL & Wright J

(2005) From Conodonts and Ancient Oceans to Fish Bones and Metal Contaminant Stabilization
Wright J

(2005) Geochemistry of Anthropogenic Lead Stabilization by Apatite II?
Wright J & Conca JL

(2002) Benthic Foraminiferal Mg/Ca Paleothermometry and its Application to Late Miocene Changes in Atlantic Circulation
Lear CL, Rosenthal Y & Wright J

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