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All abstracts by Yuan-Bao Wu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Generation of Late Mesozoic Granites in the Paleo-Oceanic Arc Unit of the Tongbai Orogen, Central China
Zhang W-X, Wu Y-B, Zhou G-Y & Li J

(2020) Neoproterozoic Amphibolite-Facies Metamorphism of Douling Complex at the Northern Margin of the Yangtze Craton
He Y, Wu Y, Zhao Y & Zhou G

(2015) Paleoproterzoic Evolution of the Yangzte Block during the Assembly of Columbia: Evidence from the Huashanguan Post-Collisional Granite Complex
Zhou G & Wu Y

(2015) Chromium Isotope Effects Induced by Metamorphic, Weathering, and Hydrothermal Alterations
Wang X, Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Zou H, Ague J, Wu Y & Peucker Ehrenbrink B

(2015) Petrogenesis of TTG-Type Granitoids by Partial Melting of Thickened Lower Crust and Implication for Early Crustal Growth: A Case Study from the Huichizi Pluton, Qinling Orogen, Central China
Qin Z, Wu Y, Siebel W & Wang H

(2014) Zircon Record of Paleozoic Evolution of Central Metamorphic Belt in China
Wu Y

(2014) Recycling of Sediment into the Mantle Source of K-Rich Mafic Rocks: Geochemical Evidence from the Fushui Complex in the Qinling Orogen
Wang H & Wu Y-B

(2012) Fluid Activity and Partial Melting in the Evolution of UHP Rock: Evdiences from Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf-O Isotopes
Liu X, Wu Y & Hanchar JM

(2011) Tectonic Evolution of the Qinling-Tongbai-Dabie Orogenic Belt
Wu Y & Zheng Y

(2010) Two Episodes of Eclogite-Facies HP Metamorphism in Huwan Shear Zone and its Implication for Evolution of the Western Dabie Orogen, Central China
Liu X, Wu Y & Zhao L

(2010) Multi-Stage Evolution and Fluid Activity of HP-UHP Rocks from the Western Dabie Mountain, Central China: Evidence from Zircon Trace Element, U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Composition
Wu Y & Zhao L

(2007) Finding of Negative ╬┤18O Zircon from Metagranite in Eastern Sulu, China: Implication for Local Paleoclimate
Tang J, Zheng Y-F & Wu Y-B

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