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All abstracts by Bernd Wunder in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Appearance, Study and a Possible Correction for Boron: Insights on Ultra-Soft X-Ray Measurements Using a Synthetic Multilayer Crystal and the EPMA
Wilke FDH & Wunder B

(2023) Experimental Determination of Boron Isotope Fractionation between Silicate Melts and Hydrous Fluids, with Application to Understanding Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Genesis
Rauscher J, Wunder B, Wilke M, Trumbull RB, Jahn S, Sieber MJ, Scicchitano MR, Fechtelkord M, Michaud J, Pohl F & Appelt O

(2021) Microinclusions in Megagarnets: Throndjemitic Melt Preserved in Garnets at Gore Mountain, Adirondacks (US)
Ferrero S, Wannhoff I, Laurent O, Yakymchuk C, Darling R, Wunder B, Borghini A & O'Brien PJ

(2018) Mineral Growth and Metastability Phenomena in Melt Inclusions from Metamorphic Rocks
Ferrero S, Angel RJ, Wunder B & O'Brien PJ

(2018) Nanogranitoids in UHT and (U)HP Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks of the Bohemian Massif
Borghini A, Ferrero S, Wunder B, Laurent O, O'Brien PJ, Ziemann MA & Günter C

(2017) Nanogranitoids in Orogenic Peridotites from the Bohemian Massif: Evidence for Partial Melting, Metasomatism or Both?
Ferrero S, Borghini A, Wunder B, Laurent O, O'Brien PJ & Ziemann MA

(2017) Partial Melting of Ultramafic Granulites from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: Melt Inclusions and Thermodynamic Modelling
Cesare B, Ferrero S, Godard G, Palmeri R & Wunder B

(2016) Jeremejevite as a Precursor for the Formation of Olenitic Tourmaline: An Experimental and B Isotope Study
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Meixner A, Wirth R, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2015) Tetrahedrally Coordinated Boron in Synthetic High-Pressure Olenite: Towards Raman Spectroscopy as a Chemical Probe for Tourmaline
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Rhede D, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A, Giester G, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2015) Multi-Method Characterization of Synthetic Tourmaline: Rossmanite, Magnesio-Foitite, Dravite, and Maruyamaite
Wunder B, Berryman E, Kutzschbach M, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A & Heinrich W

(2013) Temperature-Induced Phase Transitions in Pb/Sr-Lawsonites
Ende M, Wunder B, Koch-Müller M & Libowitzky E

(2013) Experimental Investigation of K Incorporation into Tourmaline at High Temperature and Pressure
Berryman E, Wunder B & Franz G

(2013) Experimental Characterization of Replacement Symplectites: The Influence of Temperature and Small Amounts of Water on Microstructure Evolution
Remmert P, Wunder B, Morales L, Heinrich W & Abart R

(2013) The Kinetic Effects of H2O in Metasomatic and Xenolith Breakdown Reactions
Grant T, Milke R, Wunder B, Morales L & Wirth R

(2012) Prediction of B, Li and Si Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation between Minerals, Aqueous Solutions, Melts and Metals at High P and T
Kowalski P, Wunder B & Jahn S

(2011) Composition and Structure of the 3.65 Å Phase: A DHMS with Exclusively Six-Fold Coordinated Si
Wunder B, Wirth R, Koch-Müller M & Jahn S

(2009) Ammonium-Bearing Clinopyroxene: A Potential Nitrogen Reservoir in the Earth’s Mantle
Watenphul A, Wunder B & Heinrich W

(2009) Li Isotope Partitioning between Serpentine Phases and Fluid
Wunder B, Watenphul A, Deschamps F, Guillot S, Meixner A, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2009) Molecular Modeling of Li Speciation in Aqueous Fluid at High P and T and Implications for Li-Isotope Mineral-Fluid Fractionation
Jahn S & Wunder B

(2008) Synthesis and Characterization of the High-Pressure Phases NH4-hollandite, NH4-wadeite, NH4-cymrite and NH4-phengite
Watenphul A, Wunder B & Heinrich W

(2007) Experimental Study on the B-Isotope Fractionation between Tourmaline and Fluid: A Re-investigation
Meyer C, Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2007) Experimental Determination of Ca-Sr Distribution between Zoisite-Fluid and Lawsonite-Fluid
Doersam G, Liebscher A, Wunder B, Gottschalk M & Franz G

(2007) Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Li Speciation in Aqueous Fluid at High Pressure
Wunder B, Jahn S & Meixner A

(2005) Experimental Determination of the Geochemical Cycle of Boron and its Isotopes from the Slab to the Surface
Liebscher A, Wunder B, Schmidt C, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2004) The Geochemical Cycle of Boron: Experiments on Boron Isotope Partitioning between Micas and Fluids
Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

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