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All abstracts by Fang Xia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Mechanisms, Textures and Element Mobilisation during the Hydrothermal Mineral Replacement of Rhabdophane by Monazite
Bamforth T, Xia F & Putnis A

(2022) Experimental Studies on the Evolution of Mineralogy and Microstructure during Fluid-Mediated Mineral Replacement of Calcium Carbonate by Calcium Phosphates
Khairudin KI, Xia F & Putnis A

(2022) The Influence of Reaction Conditions on the Generation and Evolution of Mineral Porosity during Dissolution-Precipitation Mineral Replacement Reactions
Xia F, Kartal M & Putnis A

(2022) The Preservation of Denticular Dissolution Textures Through Secondary Mineral Overgrowth and Replacement in Intensely Weathered Regolith
Bamforth T, Xia F, González-Álvarez I, Tiddy C, Hu S & Pearce M

(2020) An Experimental Study of the Replacement of Calcite by Siderite
Knorsch M, Xia F, Deditius AP & Pearce MA

(2020) The Marcasite-Pyrite Transformation: The Roles of Water Vapor, Trace Elements, and Grain Size
Yao X, Xia F, Deditius A, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Pearce M & Pring A

(2020) The Creation and Evolution of Porosity during Mineral-Fluid Interactions: A Combined USANS/SANS, Microscopy, and Synchrotron PXRD Study
Kartal M, Xia F, Adegoke IA, Ralph D, Mata J & Sokolova A

(2020) A USANS/SANS Study of Porosity Creation and Evolution in Copper-Iron Sulphides during Hydrothermal Mineral-Fluid Reactions
Adegoke IA, Xia F, Kartal M & Mata JP

(2020) Is Solid-State Diffusion Slower Than Dissolution-Reprecipitation during Mineral-Fluid Interactions?
Xia F, Adegoke IA, Deditius AP, Pearce MA & Brugger J

(2019) Sulfidation and Desulfidation in a Polymetallic orebody—Artemis Prospect, NW Queensland, Australia
Knorsch M, Deditius AP, Xia F, Pearce MA & Uvarova Y

(2008) Mineral Synthesis Using the Coupled Dissolution-Reprecipitation Route
Brugger J, Xia F & Pring A

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