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All abstracts by James D. Barnes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Continental Arc-Island Arc Fluctuations, Skarn Formation and Long-Term Climate
Lee C-T, Lackey JS, Barnes J, Jiang H, Dasgupta R & Dickens G

(2014) Skarn Garnet Records of Fluid Control of Decarbonation and Ore Type in the California Arc
Ryan-Davis J, Head D, Fulton A, Lackey JS, Barnes J & Lee C-T

(2013) Sulfur and Chlorine Isotopes in Volcanic Products at Mt. Etna, Italy
Liotta M, Rizzo AL, Paonita A, Barnes JD, Caracausi A, Corsaro R & Martelli M

(2013) Subduction Channel or Fossil Rifted Margin? Serpentinite Geochemistry of the Punta Rosa Unit, Western Alps
Barnes J, Beltrando M, Lee C-T, Loewy S & Chin E

(2012) Chlorine Isotope Geochemistry of Icelandic Geothermal Waters
Barnes J & Stefansson A

(2011) Chlorine Chemistry of Altered Oceanic Crust
Barnes J

(2011) The Stable Isotope Composition of Chlorine in Hyperarid Soils
Amundson R, Barnes J, Ewing S, Heimsath A & Chong G

(2009) A Review of Chlorine Stable Isotopes as a Fluid Tracer in Subduction Zones
Barnes J, Sharp Z & Fischer T

(2008) Light Elements in Subduction Zones: Perspective from Volatiles
Fischer T, Hilton D, Shaw A, Sharp Z, Barnes J & Hauri E

(2007) Vapor-Liquid Fractionation of B, Li, and Cl Stable Isotopes: Experimental Constraints at 400 and 450℃, 20 to 42 MPa
Liebscher A, Barnes J, Heinrich W, Meixner A, Romer RL & Sharp Z

(2007) Chlorine Stable Isotopes as a Geochemical Tracer along the Central American and the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arcs
Barnes J, Sharp Z & Fischer T

(2007) Chlorine Isotope Distribution on Earth
Sharp Z & Barnes J

(2005) D<+>37<$>Cl Values of the Solar System
Barnes J, Brearley A, Sharp Z & Chaussidon M

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