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All abstracts by Steven B Yabusaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Chemical and Isotopic Dynamics of Spring Water Table Rise at Rifle, CO
Christensen JN, Brown ST, Basu A, Schilling K, Conrad ME, Bill M, Williams KH, Johnson TM, Shiel AE, Yang L, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Yabusaki SB, Maher K, Weaver K, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2014) The GEWaSC Framework: Multiscale Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical, Microbiological, and Hydrological Processes
Steefel C, Brodie E, Bouskill N, Molins S, Arora B, Yabusaki S, Karaoz U, Spycher N, Maxwell R, Trebotich D, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2013) Linking Fluvial Processes and Elemental Cycling within the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Williams K, Robbins M, Yabusaki S & Long P

(2012) Manipulating Uranium Redox Status in an Alluvial Aquifer: Insights from Electron Donor Amendment Experiments
Long P, Williams K, Banfield J, Bargar J, Davis J, Fox P, Handley K, Hatfield K, Lovley D, Verberkmoes N, Wilkins M, Wrighton K, Yabusaki S & Science Team RI

(2012) Coupled-Process Modeling of a Uranium Bioremediation Field Experiment
Yabusaki S, Fang Y, Wilkins M & Long P

(2010) Reactivity of Nano-Biogenic Uraninite in the Subsurface: Dissolution Rates and Mechanisms
Bargar J, Campbell K, Veeramani H, Stubbs J, Lezama-Pacheco J, Suvorova E, Ulrich K-U, Blue L, Bernier-Latmani R, Giammar D, Yabusaki S & Long P

(2010) Assessment of Predictive Uncertainty in Coupled Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling
Ye M, Lu D, Miller G, Curtis G, Meyer P & Yabusaki S

(2008) Multicomponent Modeling of in situ Uranium Bioremediation: Findings and Challenges
Fang Y & Yabusaki S

(2005) Building Conceptual Process Models of Field Scale Uranium Reactive Transport for the Hanford 300 Area
Yabusaki S, Fang Y & Waichler S

(2001) Evaluation of the Field Exchange Capacity of Hanford Sediments with Implications for 137Cs Migration
Steefel CI, Carroll SA, Yabusaki SB & Lichtner PC

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