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All abstracts by Akira Yamaguchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Insights into KREEP-Free Volcanism on the Moon from Lunar Meteorites
Srivastava Y, Basu Sarbadhikari A, Day JMD, Yamaguchi A & Takenouchi A

(2023) CSI Solar System: Clues from Chromites in Cosmic Dust
Van Maldeghem F, Soens B, Maeda R, van Ginneken M, Krämer Ruggiu L, Cordier C, Suttle M, Folco L, Yamaguchi A, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2019) Complex Shock History in the Eucrite Padvarninkai
Miyahara M, Yamaguchi A & Ohtani E

(2019) Early Condensation History from Two Ultrarefractory Inclusions
Kimura M, Komatsu M, Ushikubo T, Imae N & Yamaguchi A

(2017) Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation
Suga H, Sago N, Miyahara M, Ohigashi T, Yamaguchi A & Ohtani E

(2016) Constraints on the Origin of Primitive Achondrites from NWA 6704
Hibiya Y, Iizuka T, Ozawa K & Yamaguchi A

(2016) Smelting Process Evidenced by δ66Zn
Hublet G, Debaille V, Doucet LS, Greenwood RC, Yamaguchi A, Mattielli N & Ebihara M

(2016) Petrology of Ferroan Diogenites and Genetic Relationship with Other Diogenites and Eucrites
Yamaguchi A, Barrat J-A & Shirai N

(2016) An Amoeboid Olivine Aggregate in Polymict Eucrite LEW 85300
Komatsu M, Yamaguchi A, Fagan T, Zolensky M, Shirai N & Mikouchi T

(2016) Cathodoluminescence Study of Silica Minerals in Eucrites
Kanemaru R, Nishido H & Yamaguchi A

(2016) Chemical Compositional Relationship between Winonaite Metal and IAB Irons
Hidaka Y, Shirai N, Yamaguchi A & Debaille V

(2016) U–Pb Isotope Systematics of Eucrites: A Record of the Thermal History
Iizuka T, Yamaguchi A, Koefoed P, Hibiya Y & Amelin Y

(2016) Nb-Zr Systematics of Rutiles from Mesosiderites
Haba M, Lai Y-J, Yamaguchi A & Schönbächler M

(2016) CO2 Fixation in Hydrothermal Vent Environments
Kitadai N, Hongo Y, Li Y, Yamaguchi A, Nakamura R & Takai K

(2016) Proton Motive Force for the Electrochemical CO2 Fixation Toward the Origin of Life in Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vent
Yamaguchi A, Yamamoto M, Takai K, Ishii T, Hashimoto K & Nakamura R

(2016) Molybdenum Disulfide: A Prebiotic Catalyst for Dissimilatory Ammonia Synthesis with Geo-Electrical Current
Li Y, Yamaguchi A & Nakamura R

(2015) Constraints on the Formation Process of the Ungrouped NWA 6704 Primitive Achondrite
Hibiya Y, Ozawa K, Iizuka T & Yamaguchi A

(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H

(2013) Discovery of Coesite and Stishovite from Eucrite
Miyahara M, Ohtani E, Yamaguchi A, Ozawa S, Sakai T & Hirao N

(2013) Igneous and Impact Processes on a Ureilite Parent Body Inferred from Y-983890 Polymict Ureilite
Ozawa S, Yamaguchi A & Kojima H

(2013) Impact History of Lunar Highlands Recorded in MIL 090034, 090036, and 090070 Lunar Meteorites
Yamaguchi A, Shirai N, Nyquist L, Park J, Shih C-Y, Ebihara M & Herzog G

(2010) The Origin of Very Low Eu Anomalies in Diogenites
Barrat J-A, Yamaguchi A, Zanda B, Bollinger C & Bohn M

(2004) U-Pb and Hf-W Chronometry of Zircons from Eucrite A881467
Srinivasan G, Whitehouse M, Weber I & Yamaguchi A

(2003) Petrogenetic History of Granulitic Eucrites, a-881467 and Y-791195: Implication for Impact History of Early Eucritic Crust
Yamaguchi A, Setoyanagi T & Ebihara M

(2003) Cooling History of L Chondrites
Tomiyama T, Yamaguchi A & Misawa K

(2002) Halogen-Derived Noble Gases in the Allende Meteorite: A Laser Microscope Study
Ebisawa N, Okazaki R, Nagao K & Yamaguchi A

(2001) Laser Microprobe Analysis of Halogen-Derived Noble Gas Isotopes in Allende CV3 Chondrite
Nagao K, Ebisawa N, Yamaguchi A & Okazaki R

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