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All abstracts by Liqiang Yang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Application of Primary Geochemical Halo to Gold Exploration at Xincheng Gold Deposit, China
Wang C, Deng J & Yang L

(2009) Geology, Geochemistry of Ore-Forming Fluids and Hydrothermal Alteration Dynamics of the Zhaoping Gold Belt in Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Yang L, Deng J, Li N & Guo C

(2009) Volatiles in Fluid Inclusions from Sanshandao Gold Deposit in Jiaodong
Guo C, Deng J & Yang L

(2009) The New Views on Alteration and Mineralization of Sanshandao Gold Orefield in the Jiaodong Peninsula
Yuan W, Deng J, Yang L, Guo C, Gao B & Zhang R

(2009) Cenozoic Gold Metallogenesis in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China
Deng J, Yang L, Zhang J & Li N

(2009) Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Relations and its Significance
Wang C, Deng J, Zhang S, Zhang D, Yang L, Wang Q & Sun X

(2008) Hot Spring Spurted into Laterite Layer: Geology and Geochemistry Evidence
Gong Q, Deng J, Yang L, Wang Q & Wang W

(2008) Tracing Ore Forming Fluids of Gold Deposits Hosted in Kangding Complex in Sichuan Province, China
Deng J, Gong Q, Wang Q, Yang L & Zhang Z

(2008) Superimposed Processes of Gold and Silver Mineralization in the Dayingezhuang Gold Deposit, Jiaodong Gold Province, China: Constraint of Ore-Forming Fluid Geochemistry
Yang L, Deng J, Zhang J, Guo C, Jiang S, Gao B, Gong Q & Wang Q

(2007) Using Isotope Geochemsity to Trace the Origin of Oreforming Materials in the Jiaodong Gold Province, China
Yang L, Deng J, Gong Q, Zhang J, Wang Q & Yuan W

(2007) Experimental Determination of Pyrite Dissolution Rate in Acidic Media at 21° to 61℃
Deng J, Gong Q, Yang L, Wang Q, Zhang J & Yuan W

(2007) A Fractal Concentration-Mass Method for Geochemical Anomaly Separation in Shizhuyuan Tungsten Deposit Area
Gong Q, Deng J, Xiang Y, Wang Q & Yang L

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