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All abstracts by Tsanyao Frank Yang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Exploring the Release of Radioactive Material in the Volcanic Area and its Tectonic Implications
Fu C-C, Lee L-C, Yang TF, Lin C-H, Walia V & Chen C-H

(2019) Helium Isotopic Signature of the Plate Boundary Suture in an Active Arc-Continent Collision Setting, Eastern Taiwan
Chen A, Shen C-C, Byrne TB, Sano Y, Takahata N, Yang TF & Wang Y

(2018) Anomalous Fluid Emission at the Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Borehole Associated with the 2013 M6.2 Nantou Earthquake
Fu C-C, Lai C-W, Yang TF, Ma K-F & Lee L-C

(2016) Magma-Derived CO2 Emissions in the Tengchong Volcanic Field, SE Tibet: Implications for Deep Carbon Cycle at the India-Asia Continental Subduction Zone
Zhang M, Guo Z, Zhang L, Sun Y, Cheng Z & Yang TF

(2016) Fluxes and He-C Isotopes of the Volcanic-Geothermal Gases of the Gulu-Yadong Rift (GYR), South Tibet: Implications for Northward Subduction of the Indian Continental Lithosphere
Zhang L, Guo Z, Zhang M, Sun Y, Cheng Z & Yang TF

(2016) An Automatic System for Continuous Monitoring of Groundwater Geochemistry at an Active Fault Zone in SW Taiwan
Fu C-C, Lai C-W, Yang TF, Hilton DR, Liu T-K, Vivek W, Chen C-H, Lee L-C & Lai T-H

(2014) Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Evolution of SE China: A Record in the Palawan Continental Terrane, Philippines
Walia M, Knittel U, Yang TF, Chung S-L, Dimalanta CB & Yumul GP

(2014) Geochemical Precursors of Fluid Samples from an Active Fault Zone in SW Taiwan
Yang TF, Chen C-H & Liu T-K

(2013) First Tritium-Helium Dating Results of Groundwater in Central Taiwan
Chen A-T, Yang TF, Liu T-K, Sano Y, Takahata N, Chen K-Y & Wang Y

(2013) Precursory Soil Radon Anomalies Related to the Major Earthquakes in Taiwan
Fu C-C, Yang TF, Liu T-K, Chen C-H, Walia V, Lai T-H & Chen C-Y

(2013) Gas Geochemistry and Soil CO2 Flux in Active Volcanic Areas, China
Wen H-Y, Yang T, Guo Z, Fu C-C, Chen A-T & Zhang M

(2013) Temporal Variation of Compositions of Volcanic Gas and Hot Springs in the Tatun Volcano Group, Taiwan
Lee H-F, Yang TF, Wen H-Y & Lin C-H

(2013) Ancient Magmatic CO2 Degassing from Non-Volcanic Area in West Taiwan: Helium and Carbon Isotopic Evidences
Yang TF

(2009) Archaeal and Bacterial Diversity and Distribution in Methane Seep of Yung-An Ridge, SW Taiwan
Lai M-C, Ding J-Y, Wu S-Y, Hung C-C, Lai S-J, Lin S & Yang TF

(2009) Sampling and Analysis of Dissolved Noble Gases in The Porewater of Marine Sediments in Northeastern Okinawa Trough, Japan
Lan TF, Takahata N, Kiyota K, Tsutsumi M, Kaneko A, Yang TF & Sano Y

(2009) Abnomalously High 3He/4He Ratios of Fluid Samples from Non-Volcanic Area of Western Taiwan
Yang TF

(2009) Proxy of Past and Present Methane Migration in the Active Accreted Continental Margin Sediments Offshore Southwestern Taiwan
Lin S, Lim Y, Yang T, Chung S & Wang Y

(2008) Abnormally Enriched Arc Lavas at Arc-Continent Collision Zone: An Example from Lutao Volcanics, Offshore SE Taiwan
Yang TF, Chen C-H, Lee T, Chen C-H & Kurz MD

(2007) Noble Gas Isotopic Ratios of Volcanics and Xenoliths from Northern Taiwan-Luzon Arc
Yang TF, Kurz MD, Matsuda J-I & Matsumoto T

(2007) Formosa Ridge, a Cold Seep with Densely Populated Chemosynthetic Community in the Passive Margin, Southwest of Taiwan
Lin S, Lim Y, Liu C-S, Yang TF, Chen Y-G, Machiyama H, Soh W & Fujikura K

(2002) 3He/4He Ratios of Fluid Samples in Taiwan
Yang T

(2002) Fluid Geochemistry of Mud Volcanoes at the Accretionary Prism in Southern Taiwan
Yeh G-H, You C-F, Chen J-C, Yang T, Chen Y-G & Song S-R

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