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All abstracts by Keewook Yi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Mudeungsan Tuff from Korea
Jung W, Kil Y, Seol J, Choi J, Nguyenthe C & Yi K

(2015) Paleoproterozoic and Triassic Tectonothermal Events in Oki Gneiss, Japan: SHRIMP Dating of Monazite
Cho D-L, Takahashi Y & Yi K

(2015) U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopic Compositions of Provisional Zircon Standards LKZ-1 and BRZ-1
Jeong Y-J, Lee T-H, Kim SJ, Yi K & Cheong C-S

(2014) Qualitative Halogen Analysis in Antarctic MOR Glass: A Quest for the Quantitative Microanalysis
Seo JH, Park S-H, Hong T-E, Lee I & Yi K

(2013) Quantifying Trace Element Distributions in Agate Banding by LA-ICP-MS
Park C-S, Kim Y, Shin HS, Yi K & Oh H

(2012) Evidence for a Mid-Crustal Channel Flow during the Sveconorwegian Orogeny of Baltica?
Bingen B, Viola G, Yi K & Engvik AK

(2011) Intracratonic Carboniferous Granites in the Paleoproterozoic Crust of Lithuania: New SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Ages
Vejelyte I, Yi K, Cho M, Kim N & Lee T-H

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