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All abstracts by Tadashi Yokoyama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Modeling and Experiments on Dissolution of Minerals Under the Presence of Air in Pores: Difference in Silicates and Carbonates
Yokoyama T & Nishiyama N

(2018) Cluster Formation of Dissolved Si and its Effect on the Mobility of Si
Yokoyama T & Sakuma H

(2017) Reactive Transport Modeling and Experiments on Dissolution of Unsaturated Rocks: Role of Water Film and Effect of Surface Roughness
Yokoyama T & Nishiyama N

(2016) Pore-Scale Heterogeneity of Solute Distribution as Evaluated by Sequential Pore Water Extraction
Yokoyama T

(2016) Effects of Pore Size, Mineral Type, and Solution Composition on Water Film Thickness in Rock Pores
Nishiyama N & Yokoyama T

(2015) Effect of Time Variation of Glass Dissolution Rate on Reactive Transport Modeling of Chemical Weathering
Yokoyama T

(2015) The Relationship between Reactive Surface Area of Rock and Water Saturation: Importance of Water Film
Nishiyama N & Yokoyama T

(2014) Diffusion Characteristics of Dissolved Si in Pore Water at pH 5-7 and 11
Yokoyama T

(2013) In situ Monitoring of Water-Rock Interaction by Micro FT-Ir – An Example of Calcium Silicate Hydrate Formation-
Bessho H, Nakashima S, Hamamoto M, Nishiyama N, Tonoue R, Kirino Y, Yokoyama T & Sasamoto H

(2012) Drying Behavior of a Rock and its Implication to Weathering
Yokoyama T & Nishiyama N

(2011) Reactive Transport Analysis on Chemical Weathering of a Porous Rhyolite
Yokoyama T

(2011) Relationship between Water Saturation and Mineral-Water Contact Area of a Sandstone
Nishiyama N & Yokoyama T

(2009) Effects of Adsorption Processes on the Interactions of Phthalic Acid and Goethite
Shushi Y, Kitadai N, Yokoyama T & Nakashima S

(2007) Influence of Hydrothermal Transformation of Amorphous Silica on Amino Acid Adsorption Capacity
Kitadai N, Nakashima S & Yokoyama T

(2007) The Simulation Experiments on Hydrothermal Formation of Organic Globules in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Iwamoto T, Yokoyama T & Nakashima S

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