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All abstracts by Kotaro Yonezu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Geochemistry of Fe-Ti Oxides and Related Ni-Cu-Fe Sulfides from the Tete Gabbro-Anorthosite Suite, Mozambique: Evidence for Magmatic Evolution and Ore Genesis
Unganai DAB, Imai A, Ashwal L, Takahashi R, Jamal DL, Agangi A, Manalo P, Yonezu K & Sato H

(2022) Episodes of Barren to Fertile Porphyry Copper Deposit Magmatism on a Complex Island Arc System: Insights from the Igneous Host Rocks of the Suyoc Epithermal Prospect, Northern Luzon, Philippines
Jabagat KD, Gabo-Ratio JAS, Soberano OB, Andal ES, Quea├▒o KL, Yonezu K, Dimalanta CB, Yumul GP & Lee Y-H

(2022) Investigation on the Early-Stage Formation Mechanism of Silica Scale Under Acidic pH
Juhri S, Yonezu K, Harijoko A & Yokoyama T

(2019) Chemical State of Dissolved Aluminum in Silicic Acid Solution and its Adsorption Behavior to Silica
Masunaga S, Tasaka Y, Yonezu K, Kiyota Y, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2017) Removal Mechanism of Al-Bearing Polysilicic Acid from Geothermal Water by CTAB for the Prevention of Silica Scaling
Yonezu K, Ohashi R, Watanabe K, Aacharya S & Yokoyama T

(2017) Geology and Mineralization of the Sangilo Epithermal Gold Deposit, Baguio Mineral District, Philippines
Gabo-Ratio JA, Aguilera Pradenas MA, Yonezu K, Tindell T & Andal E

(2016) Characteristics of the Au-Ag-Te Mineralization in the Kencana Epithermal Gold Deposit, Halmahera
Tindell T, Hase T, Yonezu K & Watanabe K

(2016) Fluctuations in the Chemical Composition of Electrum at the Lebong Tambang Gold Deposit, Southern Sumatra, Indonesia
Terashima K, Yonezu K, Tindell T, Suryani E & Rosana M

(2016) Recent Investigation on Ag-Bearing Minerals at the River Reef Zone, the Poboya Prospect, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Rivai TA, Yonezu K, Syafrizal S, Kusumanto D & Watanabe K

(2016) Preparation of Synthetic Gd and Dy-Doped Silica Glass for Geochemical Reference Material: A Preliminary Characterization
Yonezu K, Kawamoto Y, Ohashi H, Kawamoto D, Honma T & Yokoyama T

(2016) Ophiolitic Chromite Geochemistry: Implication on Chromite Formation in Various Mantle Environment
Santos R, Suzuki K, Yonezu K & Santos R

(2014) Geochemistry of Rocks and Vein Minerals from Mawchi Sn-W Polymetallic Mineralization, Myanmar
Myint AZ, Yonezu K & Watanabe K

(2014) Zircon Morphology and Geochemistry of the Granitoids from the Huangshaping Polymetallic Deposit, South China: Insights into Magma Evolution and Mineralization
Li H, Watanabe K & Yonezu K

(2014) Chemical State of Cesium Concentrated in Truscottite
Ohashi H, Yonezu K, Honma T, Kawamoto D, Okaue Y, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2013) Adsorption Experiment of Rare Earth Elements on Clay Minerals: Implication to the Formation of Ion-Adsorption Type REE Deposit
Yonezu K, Nishida M, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2013) Geochemistry of Rare Earth Element (REE) in Weathered Crust from the Granitic Rocks in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
Maulana A, Yonezu K, Imai A & Watanabe K

(2012) Geochemical Signature and Evolution of Granitic Rocks in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia: Evidence for Gondwana Involvement
Maulana A, Watanabe K, Imai A, Yonezu K & Nakano T

(2012) Local Structure of Al in Al-Zn Hydroxide Coprecipitates
Miyazaki A, Etou K, Etou M, Yonezu K, Balint I & Yokoyama T

(2011) Silicic Acid Removal as Calcium or Magnesium Silicate from Geothermal Water
Yonezu K, Kawabata Y, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2011) Adsorption and Sorption of Zn2+ on the Surface of Aluminum Hydroxide
Miyazaki A, Numata M, Etou M, Yonezu K, Balint I & YOkoyama T

(2011) Arsenic in Siliceous Deposits Formed from Geothermal Water
Sabita A, Yonezu K, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T

(2008) Experimental Investigation of the Hydrothermal Geochemistry of Gold Deposition Associated with Aluminosilicate: The Formation Process of Epithermal Gold Deposits
Yonezu K, Yokoyama T, Imai A & Watanabe K

(2008) Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Riceplant (Oryza Stiva Var. Japonica)
Miyazaki A, Iwanaga Y, Shinozaki M, Yonezu K & Yokoyama T

(2007) REE Geochemical Study on the Formation Environment of the Hishikari Epithermal Gold Deposit, Japan
Yonezu K, Yasumatsu A, Okaue Y, Imai A, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2007) Adsorption Behavior of Gold (I and III) Complexes on Manganese Dioxide
Sakomoto S, Yonezu K, Yokoyama T, Okaue Y, Imai A & Watanabe K

(2006) Gold and silver deposition from aqueous solution on alumina and silica gels
Yonezu K, Yokoyama T, Okaue Y, Imai A & Watanabe K

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