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All abstracts by Hideyoshi Yoshioka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Impacts of Natural Gas Developments on Methanogenic Diversity and Activity in Natural Gas Field
Yoshioka H, Katayama T, Sakata S, Muramoto Y & Usami J

(2015) Diversity, Distribution, and Potential Activity of Methanogens in Deep Subsurface Sediments from a Marine Methane Hydrate Area
Sakata S, Yoshioka H, Katayama T, Oba M, Fujii T & Amo M

(2015) Methanogenic Archaeal Diversity and Characterization of a Novel Methanol Utilizing Methanogen in a Natural Gas Field
Mochimaru H, Tamaki H, Yoshioka H, Sakata S & Kamagata Y

(2013) Methane Production Potential of Subsurface Microbes in Pleistocene Sediments from a Water-Dissolved Natural Gas Field in Central Japan
Yoshioka H, Sakata S & Mochimaru H

(2008) Nitrate-Dependent Deep Subsurface Biosphere and Nitrite Accumulation in an Inland Fore-Arc Basin, Japan
Suzuki Y, Suko T, Yoshioka H, Takahashi M, Sakata S, Tsunogai U, Takeno N & Ito K

(2003) Hydrocarbon Biomarkers in a Thermophilic Methanogenic Archaea
Oba M, Sakata S, Kamagata Y & Yoshioka H

(2003) Origin of 13C-Depleted Kerogen in ca. 3.5 Ga Hydrothermal Silica Dikes from Western Australia
Ueno Y, Yoshioka H, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S

(2003) Analysis of Organic Compounds in Coal Macerals by Laser Micropyrolysis
Yoshioka H & Takeda N

(2001) Metamorphic Effect on Carbon Isotopic Composition of Graphite from ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments, Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ueno Y, Maruyama S, Yurimoto H, Yoshioka H & Komiya T

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