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All abstracts by Shikma Zaarur in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Contribution of Dust to Volcanic Soils in a Semi-Arid to Sub-Humid Setting, a Case Study from the Golan Heights
Zaarur S, Crouvi O & Kumer H

(2022) Estimating the Contribution and Sources of Aeolian Sediments (Dust) to the Volcanic Soils of the Golan Heights, Eastern Mediterranean, and their Effect on Soil Composition
Zaarur S & Crouvi O

(2021) Age Constraints for the Golan Heights Volcanic Soils, Determined from Integrating Geochemical and Geochronological Tools
Zaarur S

(2020) Precipitation and Texture Effects on the Weathering of Young Mauna Loa Basalts, and the Early Stages of Soil Formation
Zaarur S & Kaduri M

(2019) Carbonate 17Oexcess as a Paleo-Hydrology Proxy
Affek HP, Barkan E, Bergel SJ, Vieten R, Voarintsoa NRG & Zaarur S

(2018) Late Quaternary Climate in Southern China Deduced from Sr-Nd Isotopes of Huguangyan Maar Sediments
Zaarur S, Stein M, Adam O, Mingram J, Chu G, Liu J, Wu J & Erel Y

(2014) Clumped Isotopes in Speleothems: Accounting for Disequilibrium
Affek H, Kluge T & Zaarur S

(2014) Insights from Oxygen and Clumped Isotopes and SEM Imaging on Equilibrium Carbonate Precipitation
Zaarur S, Affek HP & Bar-Matthews M

(2013) Causes of Late Pleistocene Lake Victoria Water Level Change, Derived from Clumped Isotopes in Land Snails and Fresh Water Molluscs
Zaarur S, Affek HP, Tryon C, Peppe D & Faith JT

(2012) Clumped Isotopes Role in a Multi-Proxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Dublyansky Y, Spoetl C, Douglas P, Ivany L, Saenger C & Zhang Y

(2012) Glacial-Interglacial Paleotemeperatures and Paleohydrology in the Jourdan River Valley from Clumped Isotopes in Fresh Water Snails
Zaarur S, Stein M & Affek H

(2011) Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M

(2009) Mass Spectrometric Effects on ‘Clumped Isotopes’ Calibration
Affek H, Zaarur S & Douglas P

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