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All abstracts by John M. Zachara in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Biochemical Mineral Reduction Through the Porin Cytochrome Complex of Shewanella oneidensis
Clarke T, Edwards M, White G, Wang Z, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Shi L

(2015) Influence of Ferrous Iron Forms on Tc Valence Speciation and Mobility
Zachara J, Liu C & Liu Y

(2014) Liposome Model to Demonstrate Electron Exchange between Metal-Reducing Bacteria and Fe(III) Oxides
White G, Shi Z, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Clarke T

(2014) Reactivity of Tc at the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface
Zachara J, Fredrickson J & McKinley J

(2012) Dissolution of Uranyl Precipitates in Contaminated Vadose Zone Sediments
Singh A, Zachara JM, McKinley JP, Liu C, Boyanov MI, Kemner KM & Moore DA

(2012) Pore-Scale Process Coupling and Apparent Surface Reaction Rates
Liu C, Zhang C, Shi Z, Shang J, Kerisit S & Zachara J

(2011) Physical Versus Chemical Non-Equilibrium Model for Simulating U(VI) Adsorption
Greskowiak J, Hay M, Prommer H, Liu C, Post V, Ma R, Davis J, Zheng C & Zachara J

(2011) Pore-Scale Process Coupling and Its Effect on the Apparent Rates of Uranyl Surface Complexation
Liu C, Kerisit S, Ewing R, Shang J & Zachara J

(2011) Challenges in the Identification of Redox Reactive Fe(II) Mineral Phases in Suboxic Aquifer Sediments
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J, Liu C & Felmy A

(2011) Defining a Landscape for Microbial Electron Transfer to Extracellular Minerals
Butt J, Gates A, Marritt S, Edwards M, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Richardson D & Clarke T

(2011) The Structure and Topology of Cytochromes Involved in Outer Membrane Electron Transport
Clarke T, Edwards M, Hemmings A, Hall A, White G, Gates A, Butt J, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J & Richardson D

(2011) Large-Scale Simulation of Molecular Structure and Electron Transfer in Microbial Cytochromes
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Breuer M, Blumberger J, Shi L, Richardson D, Clarke T, Edwards M, Butt J, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2011) Biogeochemical Redox Transformations of Pertechnetate (99TcO4-)
Fredrickson J, Lee J-H, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Heald S, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J & Zachara J

(2010) Reactions of Tc with Fe(II) and O2 in Hanford Redox-Sensitive Sediments
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kukkadapu R, Liu C, Heald S, Resch T, Arey B, Wang C & Plymale A

(2010) U(VI) Desorption from Capillary Fringe Sediments
Um W, Zachara J & Liu C

(2010) The Deep Vadoze Zone as a Source of Uranium to the Near-Shore Aquifer at the Hanford Site, Washington
McKinley J, Zachara J, Resch C, Girvin D, Kaluzny R, Vermeul V & Christensen J

(2010) Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM

(2010) Sorption of Uranium on Synthetic Porous Phases as a Model for Understanding Grain-Scale Diffusion Kinetics in Contaminated Sediments
Hay M, Davis J & Zachara J

(2009) Nature and Reactivity of Ferrous Iron Forms Through a Subsurface Redox Transition Zone Probed by Contact with the Pertechnetate Anion
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, Liu C, Resch T, Heald S & Kukkadapu R

(2009) An in situ Laser Fluorescence Column Profiler For Monitoring Nanoporous Particle Transport In Porous Media
Wang Z, Liu C, Zachara J, Zhu K, Li J & Liu J

(2009) Microbial Reduction of Intragrain Ferrihydrite in Porous Glass Beads by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kennedy D, Fredrickson J, Arey B, Wang C, Dohnalkova A & Xia Y

(2008) Biogeochemical Redox Reactions Controlling Technetium-99 Solubility
Plymale A, Kennedy D, Jaisi D, Dong H, Heald S, Dohnalkova A, Marshall M, Zachara J, McKinley J & Fredrickson J

(2008) Molecular-Scale Biogeochemical Mechanisms Affecting the Mobility of Hanford Site Contaminants
Marshall M, Kennedy D, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Beliaev A, Shi L, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2007) Microscale Controls on Contaminants at the Hanford Site
McKinley J, Zachara J & Heald S

(2005) Microscopic Reactive Diffusion of U(VI) in Subsurface Sediments: Characterization and Modeling
Liu C, Majors P, Zachara J & McKinley J

(2005) Abiotic Tc(VII) Reduction by Fe(II)
Jeon B, Zachara J, Liu C, Kukkadapu R & Alice D

(2005) Speciation of Uranyl Adsorbed on Gibbsite: A Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopic Study
Korshin G, Chang H, Wang Z & Zachara J

(2005) Molecular Speciation, Mineral Residence, and Geochemical Behavior of U in Contaminated Subsurface Sediments
Zachara J, McKinley J, Liu C, Wang Z, Catalano J & Brown G

(2005) Chemical Factors Controlling U(VI) Mobility in a Hanford Aquifer
Bond D, Davis J & Zachara J

(2005) Biogeochemical Redox Transformations of Technetium-99 in Hanford and Oak Ridge Sediments
Plymale A, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Kennedy D, Kukkadapu R & Dohnalkova A

(2005) Probing Uranium Speciation in Contaminated Hanford Sediments
Catalano J, Wang Z, McKinley J, Zachara J, Heald S & Brown G

(2005) Uranium(VI) Desorption from Long-Term Contaminated Sediments
Qafoku N, Zachara J & Liu C

(2004) Rates of Tc Reduction by Biogenic Fe(II) in Subsurface Sediment
Steefel C, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2002) Colloid Facilitated Migration of Radioelements – Mechanisms, Significance, and Needed Conditions
Zachara J, Flury M & Harsh J

(2002) The Reductive Immobilization of Pertechnetate by Bioreduced Sediments
Mckinley JP, Zachara JM, Heald SM & Fredrickson JK

(2002) Theoretical Evaluation of Electron Transfer Kinetics at Fe(III)-Oxide Surfaces with Implications for Microbial Respiration
Rosso K & Zachara J

(2001) Energetics and Kinetics of Electron Transfer to Aqueous Fe and Hematite Surfaces: ab Initio Calculations and Marcus Theory
Rosso KM, Rustad JR & Zachara JM

(2001) Biogeochemical Processes Controlling Metal Ion Fluxes from Fe(III) Oxides during Reductive Phase Transformations
Zachara JM, Fredrickson JK, Smith SC & Kukkadapu RK

(2001) Physiological Responses and Environmental Implications of Fe(II)-induced Inhibition of Microbial Iron Reduction
Gorby YA, Liu C, Beveridge TJ, Ferris FG & Zachara JM

(2000) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite by the Microbe Shewanella putrefaciens: Surface Transformations and Dissolution Pathways
Rosso K, Zachara J & Smith S

(2000) The Effect of Calcium Carbonate Coatings on Cr(VI) Reduction at the (111) Surface of Magnetite
Doyle CS, Kendelewicz T, Brown Jr. GE, Chambers SA & Zachara JM

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