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All abstracts by Mavrik Zavarin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Beyond Kd: Next Generation Performance Assessment Framework Through Machine Learning
Wainwright HM, Chang ES-H, Ermakova D, Lu H, Beverly L, Xu Z, Zavarin M & Zheng L

(2022) A Chemistry Informed Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to Predict Metal-Mineral Surface Interactions
Chang ES-H, Zavarin M & Wainwright H

(2021) New Approaches to Surface Complexation Modeling and Application of Machine Learning to Radionuclide-Mineral Interface Reactions
Zavarin M, Wainwright H, Zouabe J & Chang E

(2021) Plutonium Coprecipitation with Calcite
Balboni E, Smith KF, Booth C, Zavarin M & Kersting AB

(2020) Plutonium Immobilization or Mobilization: The Contribution of Microbial Products and Cells
Merino N, Marie Coutelot F, Parker C, Kaplan D, Kersting A, Jiao Y & Zavarin M

(2020) Pu(IV) Interaction with iron(III) (Oxyhydr)oxide Minerals
Smith K, Balboni E, Moreau L, Zavarin M & Booth C

(2019) Biogeochemical Mechanisms Controlling Pu on Environmental Timescales
Kersting A, Begg J, Balboni E, Joseph C, Edelman C & Zavarin M

(2019) Mineral-Water Databases for Use in Radionuclide Transport Simulations
Zavarin M

(2018) Plutonium Contamination of the Environment: What's the Problem?
Zavarin M

(2018) Development of Surface Complexation Databases for Contaminant Transport Modeling
Zavarin M

(2017) Desorption of Plutonium from Altered Nuclear Melt Glass Colloids
Zavarin M, Joseph C, Balboni E, Baumer T, Treinen K & Kersting A

(2017) Plutonium Incorporation into Iron Oxide Minerals
Balboni E, Zavarin M & Kersting A

(2016) Geochemistry at Interfaces: In Search of a New Modelling Approach
Zavarin M

(2016) Controls on Anthropogenic Radionuclide Distribution in the Sellafield Near-Shore
Ray D, Morris K, Livens FR, Kersting A, Zavarin M, Begg J, Joseph C, Zhao P & Law GTW

(2016) Plutonium Sorption and Precipitation on Goethite: A Question of Concentration
Begg J, Zhao P, Zavarin M, Tumey S, Williams R, Dai Z, Kips R & Kersting A

(2015) Plutonium Desorption from Montmorillonite: The Role of Redox Transformations
Zavarin M, Begg J & Kersting A

(2014) Kinetic Studies Np(VI) Ligand Exchange Using NMR
Panasci A, Harley S, Zavarin M & Casey W

(2014) Plutonium Desorption from Mineral Surfaces Caused by Environmental Concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide
Begg J, Zavarin M & Kersting A

(2011) Ab Initio Electronic Structure of Pu(OH)4: Comparison between Density Functional and Multi-Reference Theories
Huang P, Zavarin M & Kersting A

(2010) Modeling Actinide Interactions with Minerals and Microbes
Powell BA, Bagwell C, Kaplan DI, Kersting AB, Zavarin M & Zimmerman TN

(2010) Subsurface Transport of Pu on Nanominerals: Teasing out Biogeochemical Controls in Field Environments
Kersting A, Zavarin M, Dai Z, Felmy A, Kips R, Moser D, Powell B, Tinnacher R & Zaho P

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