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All abstracts by Georg Florian Zellmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Crystal Stratigraphy of Taranaki Lavas, New Zealand
D'Mello N, Ubide Garralda T, Zellmer GF, Procter J, Kereszturi G & Caulfield J

(2020) Pulses of Aphyric Andesite Dykes Remobilising Micrometre-Sized Crystal Cargo at Tongariro, NZ
Lormand C, Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Kilgour G, Palmer AS, Yurimoto H, Nemeth K, Mead S, Ubide T, Iizuka Y & Moebis A

(2020) Slab Temperature Control on Volatile Budgets of Arc Magmas Tracked from Melt Inclusion Halogen Contents
Brahm R, Kuritani T, Sakamoto N, Yurimoto H, Zellmer G, Nakagawa M & Sato E

(2020) SIMS Sensitivity Factors of 2H and 16O2H Relative to 18O in Spinel-Structured Oxides
Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Kuroda M, Sakaguchi I, Kuritani T & Yurimoto H

(2020) Detection of H in Spinel-Structured Oxides via SCAPS Isotopography
Coulthard Jr. DA, Sakamoto N, Zellmer GF, Hamada M & Yurimoto H

(2015) Is Gold Solubility Subject to Pressure Variations in Ascending Arc Magmas?
Jego S, Nakamura M & Zellmer G

(2015) What Drives Arc Magma Diversity?
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Brandl PA, Espinasa-Perena R, Solari L, Stuart FM, Vannucchi P & Zellmer GF

(2015) The Peritectic Reaction of Olivine to Orthopyroxene in Natural Silicates
Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Matsuda N, Moebis A, Iizuka Y & Yurimoto H

(2014) Crustal Recycling by Subduction Erosion in Central Mexico
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Espinasa-Perena R, Stuart FM, Zellmer GF, Ramirez R & Sochko M

(2012) Tracing Subduction Erosion Through Arc Chemistry in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt
Straub SM, Zellmer GF, Gomez-Tuena A, Cai Y, Stuart FM & Langmuir CH

(2012) The Role of Water in the Petrogenesis of Arc Magmas from SW Japan
Zellmer G, Sakamoto N, Iizuka Y, Miyoshi M, Tamura Y & Yurimoto H

(2009) Imprecisions and Errors in 226Ra-230Th Volcanic Mineral Ages from Ra-Ba Partitioning Difference Estimates
Rubin K & Zellmer G

(2009) Rates of Magmatic Processes from U-Series in Historical Eruptions at Askja and Krafla Volcanoes, Iceland
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2009) Garnet Pyroxenite Melting at the Break-Up of Gondwana (Karoo LIP) to Present day (Bouvet TJ)
Kamenetsky V, Zellmer G, Kuzmin D, Maas R, Yaxley G & Sobolev A

(2008) Recent Bimodal Magmatic Processes and their Rates in the Torfajökull-Veidivötn Area, SE Iceland
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2008) Some First-Order Observations on Magma Transfer at Volcanic Arcs
Zellmer GF

(2008) Petrogenesis of Alkaline Arc Basaltic Andesites at Volcan Chichinautzin in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt
Straub SM, Gómez-Tuena A, Zellmer GF, Cai MY, Goldstein SL, Langmuir CH, Martin-Del Pozzo A-L & Espinasa-Perena R

(2007) Recent Bimodal Eruptions from the Torfajökull-Veidivötn Volcanic System, South-Central Iceland: Insights into Magmatic Processes and their Rates
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2006) Style of effusive arc volcanism, links to subduction velocity, and implications for magma transfer
Zellmer G

(2002) Magma Evolution and Emplacement Time Scales beneath Montserrat
Hawkesworth C, Zellmer G & Sparks S

(2000) U-Th Dating of Oruanui Zircons, Taupo Volcanic Zone: Some Remarks on the Interpretation of U-Series Mineral Isochron Data from Systems with Prolonged Crystallisation Histories
Charlier B & Zellmer GF

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