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All abstracts by Mark Baskaran in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigations of Incorporation of Elements into Ice in Lake St. Clair, SE Michigan, during Extreme Weather Conditions: An Analogy for Chemical Cycling in the Arctic Ocean
Baskaran M, Saperstein L & Denny M

(2020) Mechanism of Sediment Incorporation into Lake Ice Using 7Be, 210Po and 210Pb as Tracer
Baskaran M, Sapterstein L, Denny M & Tummala C

(2017) Mobility of Cs-137 in Freshwater System Using Mass Balance and Diffusion Studies
Baskaran M, Wang J & Niedermiller J

(2016) Distrbution of Pu in the Coral of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Hong GH, Kim SH, Lee H, Kawahata H, Siringan FP, Anderson DM, Ketterer ME & Baskaran M

(2014) Effects of Microstructure on 222Rn Diffusion from Zircon
Brownlee S, Eakin M & Baskaran M

(2014) Why There are Variations in the 134Cs/137Cs Activity Ratios of the Global Data Set of Fukushima-Derived Radiocesium?
Baskaran M & Hong GH

(2013) Effects of Heating on the Leaching and Recoil of U-Th Series Radionuclides in a Suite of Natural Minerals
Baskaran M & Garver E

(2013) U Behaviour Under Acid Mine Drainage Conditions: Preliminary Results from an Experimental Approach in Río Tinto Area (Spain)
Barbero L, Ketterer M, Baskaran M, Hierro A, Bolívar JP & Casas-Ruiz M

(2013) Distribution, Fluxes in the Water Column and Early Diagenesis in the Bottom Sediments of 210Po and 210Pb in the Sea
Hong GH, Lee HM, Baskaran M, Kim SH, Kim YI & Kim CJ

(2012) Tracing Particulate Scavenging Fluxes Using 210Po and 210Pb during North Atlantic GEOTRACES
Rigaud S, Church T, Baskaran M, Stewart G, Choi Y, Puigcorbe V & Masque P

(2011) Preliminary Estimation of Scavenging Rates in the Guadalete Estuary (Bay of Cádiz, Spain) Based on U-Th Disequilibrium Series
Martínez-Ramos C, Cuesta E, Casas-Ruiz M, Bolívar JP, San Miguel EG, Barbero L & Baskaran M

(2011) 230Th-234U-238U Disequilibria along the River Catchments from the Iberian Belt (Spain) Affected by Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Ketterer M, Hierro A, Barbero L, Olias M, Bolivar JP, Casas-Ruiz M & Baskaran M

(2011) Seepage of Subsurface Brines into a Major Lake System Using Ra and Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Hydrogen: A Case Study from Lake Huron
Baskaran M, Novell T, Ruberg S, Biddanda B, Johengen T, Hawley N & Klump V

(2009) Hafnium in the Arctic Ocean
Porcelli D, Zimmermann B, Frank M, Andersson P, Baskaran M, Lee DC & Halliday A

(2006) Arctic Ocean Nd isotope compositions, water mass distributions, and freshwater inputs
Porcelli D, Andersson P, Frank M & Baskaran M

(2006) Tracing riverine 234U/238U inputs into the Arctic Ocean
Andersen MB, Stirling CH, Porcelli D, Halliday AN, Andersson PS & Baskaran M

(2006) Assessing continental weathering rates and actinide transport in the Great Artesian Basin
Pogge Von Strandmann P, Reynolds B, Porcelli D, James R, Van Calsteren P, Baskaran M & Burton K

(2005) U-Th-Ra-Rn-He Relationships in Mojave River Basin Groundwaters
Jaffe L, Hilton D, Porcelli D, Swarzenski P, Baskaran M & Kulongoski J

(2004) The Isotopic Composition of Sr and Nd in Arctic Ocean Ice Rafted Sediments: Implications for Provenance and Transport
Andersson P, Baskaran M, Porcelli D, Frank M, Ingri J & Gustafsson O

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