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All abstracts by Franck M. Bassinot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Clumped Isotopes in Foraminifer Shells Versus Inorganic Carbonates: Testing for Species and Size Effects
Peral M, Daëron M, Blamart D & Bassinot F

(2017) Calibration of Benthic Foraminifera Elemental Ratios from the Northeastern Atlantic
Sepulcre S, Tribondeau M, Bassinot F, Mojtahid M, Nardelli MP, Dessandier P-A & Bonnin J

(2017) Cleaning Procedure Effects on elements/Ca of Planktonic Foraminifera Tests
Pang X, Bassinot F & Sepulcre S

(2017) Influence of Particle-Released Nd in the Seawater εNd Signal of the Proximal Bay of Bengal during Interglacial Periods
Rojas V, Meynadier L, Colin C, Zhaojie Y, Joussain R, Bassinot F & Cogez A

(2017) The glacial-Holocene Evolution of Water Masses in the Bay of Bengal Based on δ18O and δ13C Analyses
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Licari L, Bassinot F, Liu Z, Kallel N & Colin C

(2016) Seasonal Distribution of Dissolved Neodymium Concentrations and εNd in the Bay of Bengal
Yu Z, Colin C, Douville E & Bassinot F

(2016) Climatic Control on Sediment Transport in the Bengal Region during the Holocene
Joussain R, Liu Z, Colin C & Bassinot F

(2015) Linking Isotopic Signatures and Magnetic Parameters as Tracers of Erosion in the Bay of Bengal over the Last 160 ka
Rojas V, Meynadier L, Valet J-P, Bassinot F & Colin C

(2011) Large Weakening in Monsoonal Rainfalls over Western India during the Younger Dryas
Cogez A, Meynadier L, Allègre C & Bassinot F

(2011) Multi-proxy (δ18O, χm, Nd and Pb Isotopes) Study for Paleoclimate and Paleoweathering in the Maldives Area
Meynadier L, Allègre CJ, Gourlan AT & Bassinot FM

(2003) Late Quaternary Paleoclimatology of the Western Equatorial Pacific
De Garidel-Thoron T, Rosenthal Y, Oppo D, Linsley B, Beafort L & Bassinot F

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