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All abstracts by Asish R Basu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Geochemical Inferences from Bimodal Afar Volcanism
Basu A, Ghosh N, Ghatak A, Gregory R, Richards I, Georg B, Ebinger C, Quade J, Zou H & Chakrabarty P

(2018) U-Pb Zircon Ages of Deccan Acid Igneous Complexes and their Temporal Relationship with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary
Basu A, Chakrabarty P, Ibanez Mejia M, Georg B & Ghosh N

(2018) Precipitation of Deep Carbon from Mantle Transition Zone -Derived Reduced Fluids (C-H ±H2): Evidence from Indus Ophiolite and Alpe Arami Peridotites
Das S & Basu AR

(2014) Geochemical Insight into Subduction Initiation, Element Mobility in Metamorphism, and Provenance Signal Bias in Clastic Rocks
Wakabayashi J & Basu A

(2012) Accounting for Post-Depositional Effects of a neo-Tethyan Permian-Triassic Section in the Himalayan Mountains
Williams J, Hannigan R, Basu A, Ghosh N & Brookfield M

(2010) Archean Fluid-Rock Interaction: Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Ratio from Iron Ore Group, India
Banerjee S, Richards I, Ferguson K, Gregory RT & Basu AR

(2009) Validation of Line Scan Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Banded Iron Formations by LA-ICP-MS
Horton M, Basu A & Hannigan R

(2008) Isotope Fractionation of Dissolved Silicon in Groundwater – Weathering of Secondary Minerals?
Georg B, Zhu C, Basu A & Halliday A

(2008) Large 3.4 Ga Algoma-Type BIF in the Eastern Indian Craton
Basu A, Bandyopadhyay P, Chakrabarti R & Zou H

(2008) Line Scan Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Teeth, Otolith, and Banded Iron by LA-ICP-MS
Horton M, Gera S, Freeburg E, Basu A & Hannigan R

(2007) Mantle and Crustal Processes in the Hadean and Archean: Evidence for the Onset of Subduction at 3.8 Ga
Shirey S, Kamber B, Whitehouse M, Mueller P & Basu A

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