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All abstracts by Sudeshna Basu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Tracing Fluid Retention in Gas Shales Using Noble Gases
Basu S, Verchovsky A & Jones A

(2017) Subduction in Early Proterozoic Mantle: Implications from Nitrogen in Carbonatites and Diamonds
Basu S, Jones A, Southworth R & Verchovsky A

(2013) A New Strategy for Identifying Shales with High Gas Retention Using Noble Gas, Nitrogen and Carbon
Basu S, Jones A & Verchovsky A

(2013) Is Diamond a Repository of Mantle Helium and Noble Gases ?
Jones A & Basu S

(2011) Comparing Carbon Isotopic Signatures between Meteorites and Terrestrial Mantle Samples: Need for Reassessment of Carbon Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Basu S, Mikhail S, Jones A & Verchovsky AB

(2011) The Abiogenic Generation of Low δ13C Reservoirs in the Deep Earth
Mikhail S, Shahar A, Hunt SA, Verchovsky AB, Franchi IA, Basu S & Jones AP

(2008) Is There a Hidden Primordial 3He-Rich Reservoir in the Deep Earth?
Stuart F, Basu S, Ellam R, Fitton G & Starkey N

(2008) The Origin of the High 3He/4He, High Temperature Early Iceland Plume
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) No Role for Discrete, Depleted High 3He/4He Mantle
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) He-Ne-Ar Isotope Constraints on the Nature and Origin of High 3He/4He Mantle
Stuart F & Basu S

(2007) Any Supernova 60Fe Excess on Earth? Evidence from 3He in Ferromanganese Crust
Basu S, Stuart F, Schnabel C & Klemm V

(2006) Noble gases and N in carbonatites from Newania, India:Pristine N in subcontinental lithosphere
Basu S & Murty SVS

(2003) Mantle Gases in Carbonatites
Basu S & Murty S

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