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All abstracts by Xinning Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) In situ Mineral Probes of Local Fluid-Mineral Interactions in Soils
Wild B, Lammers LN, Zhang X, White C & Bourg IC

(2022) Mechanistic Insights on Cellular Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation by N2-reducing Mo-Nitrogenase
Han E, Maloney A, Ai X(, Sigman DM, Kopf S & Zhang X

(2020) 4D Imaging of Clay Reveals Soil Carbon Dynamics
Yang J, Bourg I, Zhang X & Stone H

(2018) The Methane Paradox in Peat Systems is Linked to Redox Transitions
Wilmoth J, Liu X, Schaefer J, Shoemaker J, Myneni S & Zhang X

(2018) Redox Homeostasis by Alternative V-Nitrogenase Improves Growth
Luxem KE, Kraepiel AML & Zhang X

(2018) Effect of Iron Limitation on the Isotopic Composition of Cellular and Released Fixed Nitrogen in Azotobacter vinelandii
McRose D, Lee A, Kopf S, Baars O, Kraepiel A, Sigman D, Morel F & Zhang X

(2018) Active Site Constraints on Nitrogen Stable Isotope Fractionation by Mo-Dependent Nitrogenase
Han E, Darnajoux R, Kopf S & Zhang X

(2017) Characterization and Regulation of Weak and Strong Siderophores by Soil Nitrogen-Fixing Azotobacter sp
Baars O, Kopf S, Zhang X, Seyedsayamdost M & Morel F

(2017) Vanadium Nitrogenase in Boreal Cyanolichens: Activity and Regulation
Darnajoux R, Zhang X, Magain N, McRose D, Miadlikowska J, Kraepiel A, Lutzoni F & Bellenger J-P

(2013) Alternative Nitrogenases in Terrestrial Ecosystems?
Bellenger J-P, Xu Y, Zhang X & Kraepiel A

(2013) Isotope Fractionation by Alternative Nitrogenases and Oceanic Anoxic Events
Zhang X, Sigman D & Kraepiel A

(2010) The Importance of Metabolism for Lipid D/H Ratios
Sessions A, Zhang X & Gillespie A

(2008) Variations in D/H Fractionation Associated with Microbial Heterotrophy
Zhang X & Sessions A

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