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All abstracts by Z Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Interactions at the Cell-Mineral Interface
Romero-Gonzalez M, Andrews J, Zhang Z, Geoghegan M, Swanson L, Scholes J & Banwart S

(2006) He and Ar isotopic composition in pyrite and its significance in No.338 deposite,Xiazhuang uranium ore-field, South China
Zhang Z & Liu S

(2006) Re-Os dating of the two major Cu-Ni deposits in Northern Xinjiang, China
Zhang Z, Mao JW, Du AD & Yang JM

(2006) The volcanic rocks of the Bogda Rift, China: a possibly new genetic type of bimodal suite
Wang Y, Gu L, Zhang Z & Li H-J

(2006) Geochemistry of Geothermal Fluids from the Maanping Hotspring Area, Jiangxi Province, SE-China
Sun Z, Gao B & Zhang Z

(2006) Observation of Molecular-Scale Interfacial Structures with X-ray Reflection Interface Microscopy
Fenter P, Park C, Zhang Z & Wang S

(2006) The climatic and environmental records in the sediment of the Luobei billabong in the district of Lop-Nur,Xinjiang in recent 30ka
Peng Z, Luo C, Yang D, Zhang Z, Liu W & He J

(2006) Direct observations of ion adsorption and interfacial hydration with resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity
Fenter P, Park C, Catalano J, Zhang Z, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2005) Modeling Zn2+ Adsorption at the Rutile-Water Interface to Hydrothermal Conditions
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Fenter P, Zhang Z & Kubicki J

(2005) Structure of Zn2+ at Rutile TiO<->2<$> (110)-Aqueous Solution Interface
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Kelly S, Catalano J, Kubicki J, Bandura A, Wesolowski D, Machesky M, Sturchio N & Bedzyk M

(2005) Probing the Reactivity of the Dolomote-Water Interface Using High Resolution X-Ray Reflectivity
Fenter P, Zhang Z, Park C, Sturchio N, Hu X & Higgins S

(2005) Geochemical Feature of Chlorites in No. 201 and No. 361 Uranium Deposits, South China
Hua R, Zhang Z & Ji J

(2005) C, H, and O Isotope Characteristics of the Shuangwang Gold Deposit, West China
Zhang Z, Mao J, Li X, Wang R & Wang Z

(2004) Ion Adsorption at the Rutile-Water Interface to Hydrothermal Conditions
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Ridley M, Palmer D, Fenter P, Zhang Z, Kubicki J & Predota M

(2004) The Climatic Variability in the Last 3000 Years from the Stalagmite Records in the Guizhou Qixing Cave, China
Peng Z, He J, Zhang Z, Liu G, Zhang M & Lin Y

(2004) Sulfur Isotope Anomaly Discovered in Sulfide Bed of Later Archean Jingangku Formation, Wutai Group, Shanxi Province, China
Ding T, Wan D, Zhang Z, Wang C & Li Y

(2003) Oxygen Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Data from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Program: Different Scales and Possible Depth of Meteoric Water/rock Interactions
Xiao Y, Hoefs J, Zhang Z & van den Kerkhof A

(2003) UHP Mineral Inclusions Hidden in Zircons from Amphibolites in Sulu Terrane, Eastern China
Liu F, Zhang Z, Katayama I, Xu Z & Maruyama S

(2003) Silicon Isotope Compositions of Proterozoic Sedimentary Siliceous Rocks in Shisanling Area, Beijing, China
Zhang Z, Ding T, Wang C & Wan D

(2003) A Paleoclimate Record of the Late Pleistocene Stalagmite from the Qixing Cave, China
He J, Peng Z, Zhang Z, Cai Y & Liu G

(2003) The Major Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rock Types in the Main Hole of the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling
You Z, Su S, Liang F & Zhang Z

(2003) Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanism at Acidic pH: New Constraints
Fenter P, Park C, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Sturchio N

(2003) X-Ray Reflectivity Study of Fluorapatite (100) – Water Interface
Park C, Fenter P, Sturchio N, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Orlandini K

(2001) The Biological and Reworking Metallogenic Models of the Lanmuchang TI Deposit
Zhang B & Zhang Z

(2001) Integrated in situ Chemical Sensor for Measuring Chemistry of Hydrothermal Fluid at Mid-Ocean Ridge
Ding K, Seyfried Jr. WE, Dong N, Zhang Z, Tivey MK & Bradley AM

(2001) Environmental Geochemistry of the Lanmuchang Tl Deposit
Zhang Z & Zhang B

(2001) Ti(Ti/TiO2)-pH Sensor: An Alternative Method to YSZ-Ph Sensor for Measuring pH in Hydrothermal Fluid
Zhang Z, Ding K & Seyfried WE

(2001) ??Probing the Ionic Strength Dependence of Zn2+ and Sr2+ Ion Adsorption at the Rutile/Aqueous Interface Using X-Ray Standing Waves
Zhang Z, Cheng L, Fenter P, Sturchio NC, Bedzyk MJ, Machesky ML & Wesolowski DJ

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