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All abstracts by Zhi-Dan Zhao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Raising the Gangdese Mountains in Southern Tibet
Zhu D-C, Wang Q, Cawood PA, Zhao Z-D & Mo X-X

(2015) Corundum Eclogites: Partial Melting Residues of Subducted Troctolites from the Mid-Archean
Shu Q, Brey GP, Höfer H, Zhao Z & Pearson G

(2014) The Hf-O Isotopes of Porphyry System in the Southern Yare Composite Pluton, Western Lhasa Terrane, Tibet Plateau
Yu F, Hou Z, Zhao Z, Zheng Y, Li Q & Duan L

(2014) Origin of the Early Miocene Potassic and Ultrapotassic Rocks in Xungba Basin, Southwestern Tibet
Zhao Z, Liu D, Zhu D-C, Niu Y, Mo X, DePaolo DJ & Harrison TM

(2012) Temporal Changes in Magma Geochemistry in the Northern Lhasa Terrane, Tibet: Response to the Lhasa-Qiangtang Collision
Zhu D-C, Zhao Z-D, Niu Y, Dilek Y, Wang Q & Mo X-X

(2012) The ca. 90 Ma Mg-Rich Volcanic Rocks from SE Nyima, Central Tibet: Products of Lithospheric Delamination ?
Wang Q, Zhu D-C, Zhao Z-D, Wang L-Q & Mo X-X

(2011) Fragments of Hot and Metasomatized Mantle Lithosphere Sampled by Mid-Miocene Ultrapotassic Lavas, Southern Tibet
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y, Chung S-L & Zhao Z-D

(2010) Continental Crust Growth as a Result of Continental Collision: Ocean Crust Melting and Melt Preservation
Niu Y, Zhao Z, Zhou S, Zhu D, Dong G, Mo X, Xie G & Dong X

(2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L

(2009) The Magmatic Response to Indo-Asia Collision in Southern Tibet
Mo X, Zhao Z, Dong G, Zhou S, Zhu D, Yu X, Niu Y & Bi X

(2009) Two Types of Cenozoic Potassic Volcanic Rocks and Carbonatite and their Geodynamic Implications in Western Qinling, NW China
Yu X, Mo X & Zhao Z

(2009) Variation of Spatial and Temporal of Miocene Ultrapotassic Volcanism in Interior Gangdese, Tibet and its Petrogenesis
Zhou S, Mo X, Zhao Z, Xie G, Qiu R, Zhu D & Liao Z

(2008) Early Cretaceous Comei Large Igneous Province in SE Tibet: Whole-Rock Sr-Nd and Zircon Hf Isotopic Constraints on Mantle Source Characteristics
Zhu D-C, Mo X-X, Zhao Z-D, Niu Y & Chung S-L

(2008) Regional Isotopic Patterns in Granitic Rocks of Southern Tibet and Evolution of Crustal Structure during the Indo-Asian Collision
DePaolo D, Weaver K, Mo X, Zhao Z & Harrison TM

(2008) Nature of the Subcontinental Mantle beneath Southern Tibet Revealed by Mantle Xenoliths Entrained by Ultrapotassic Rocks
Zhao Z, Mo X, Niu Y, Zhu D, Sun C, Dong G & Zhou S

(2008) Cenozoic Alkaline and Carbonititic Magmatism in Northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for Mantle Plume
Yu X, Zhao Z, Mo X & Dong G

(2007) Cenozoic Volcanism of Kamafugite and Carbonatite in Western Qinling, China: A Evidence of DUPAL-Like Asthenospheric Mantle Flow
Yu X, Mo X & Zhao Z

(2002) Calculation of the Strain, Stress and Elastic Energy for Low-High Quartz Transition up to 1.1GPa
Zhou W-G, Xie H-S & Zhao Z-D

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