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All abstracts by Xia-Chen Zhi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Melt/Mantle Mixing Processes Form Podiform Chromite Deposits: Implications from Re-Os Systematics of the Dongqiao Neo-Tethyan Ophiolite, Northern Tibet
Shi R, Griffin W, O'Reilly S, Zhi X, Xia Q, Huang Q, Zhang X & Liu D

(2009) Archean Chromitite in the Palaeozoic Sartohay Ophiolite from the Asiatic Orogenic Belt, China
Shi R, Ding B, Huang Q & Zhi X

(2008) Re-Os and Lu-Hf Isotope Evidence for the Genesis of Pyroxenite from Northern Dabie Ultrahigh Pressure Complex Belt, Eastern Central China
Chen D, Meng Q, Ni T & Zhi X

(2008) Re-Os Isotope Constraints on the Genesis of the L├╝liangshan Garnet-Peridotites in the North Qaidam UHP Belt, Tibet
Shi RD, Zheng L, Zhi XC & Zhao GC

(2007) The Re-Os Systematics of the Bixiling Eclogites, Dabieshan, Central China
Zheng L, Reisberg L & Zhi X

(2007) Re-Os Systematics of Lithospheric Peridotites from Nushan, East China: Implications for Multiple Modifications of SCLM
Zhi X-C, Reisberg L & Xu X-S

(2007) The Os Isotope Heterogeneities in the Mantle Sequence of the Bangong Lake Ophiolite, Northwestern Tibet
Shi R, Zhi X, Ding B & Chen L

(2007) Neoproterozoic (~ 850 Ma) Subducting in the Jiangnan Orogen: New SHRIMP Age of the Fuchuan SSZ-Ophiolite, South Anhui, China
Ding B, Shi R, Zheng L, Chen L & Zhi X

(2006) Re-Os isotope geochemistry of picrite from Emeishan LIP, southwestern China:implications for link between ELIP eruption and mantle plume
Zhi X-C, Chen L & Zhang Z-C

(2006) The Re-Os systematics of the Raobazhai peridotites, Dabieshan, central China
Zheng L, Zhi X-C & Reisberg L

(2002) Longevity and Multistage Evolution of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle beneath Eastern China: Evidence from Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, China
Zhi X, Reisberg L, Wagner C, Peng Z & Xu X

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