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All abstracts by Chen Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Silicon Isotopes As a New Method of Measuring Silicate Mineral Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone
Zhu C, Liu Z, Gerog B, Yuan H, Scheafer A & Zhang Y

(2015) Theme 10: Hydrogeochemistry
Zhu C

(2014) Coupling between Dissolution and Precipitation during Chemical Weathering of Albite
Gruber C, Zhu C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y, Georg B & Ganor J

(2013) Pb and Zn Coprecipitation with Iron Oxyhydroxide Nano-Particles
Lu P, Kelly S & Zhu C

(2013) CO2 Absorption and Precipitation in MgCl2-NH3•H2O Solutions: Relevance to CO2 Sequestration
Zhao L, Zhu C, Dong S & Teng HH

(2013) Silicon Isotopes as a New Tool to Identify the Main Cause of the Field-Lab Apparent Discrepancy of Feldspar Dissolution Rates
Zhu C, Wang C & Georg B

(2013) Resolving the Gap between Laboratory and Field Rates of Weathering
Gruber C, Zhu C, Georg B & Ganor J

(2012) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effect of Organic Solvent on the Nucleation of Nesquehonite
Zhao L, Zhu C, Ji J, Chen J & Teng HH

(2011) Thermodynamic Study for CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers
Ji X & Zhu C

(2011) Recent Advances in Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction and Applications to Geological Carbon Sequestration
Zhu C, Lu P & Liu F

(2011) Kinetic Study of Brucite Carbonation
Zhu C, Zhao L, Gao X, Ji J, Chen J & Teng HH

(2010) Experiments of CO2-Brine-Feldspars/Sandstone/Shale Interactions: Implications for Geological Carbon Sequestration
Lu P, Liu F, Hedges S, Griffith C, Soong Y & Zhu C

(2010) Multi-Phase Reactive Flow and Transport Modeling of CO2 Sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone Formation, Midwest USA
Liu F, Lu P, Xiao Y & Zhu C

(2010) Modeling of Phase Equilibria for the CO2-H2S-H2O-Salts Systems
Ji X & Zhu C

(2010) Implications of the New Hypothesis on the Apparent Discrepancy between Field – Lab Feldspar Dissolution Rates on Modeling Reactive Transport in the Critical Zone
Zhu C, Lu P & Ganor J

(2009) New Experimental Data and Modeling Results of Coupled Alkali Feldspar Dissolution and Secondary Mineral Precipitation
Zhu C, Lu P, Fu Q & Seyfried B

(2008) Isotope Fractionation of Dissolved Silicon in Groundwater – Weathering of Secondary Minerals?
Georg B, Zhu C, Basu A & Halliday A

(2007) Redefining Feldspar-Water Interfaces
Zhu C

(2002) Groundwater Recharge in Late Pleistocene and Holocene at Yucca Mountain, Nevada USA
Zhu C, Winterle J & Love E

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