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All abstracts by Maoyan Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sustainable Weathering of Silicate Minerals Driven by Fungi
Li Z, Liu L, Lu X, Li G, Jin Z, Yin Z, Zhu M, Ji J & Chen J

(2022) Widespread Euxinia during the Late Ediacaran Ocean Oxygenation Event (Shuram) in South China
Zhou Y, Poulton SW, Zhu M, Bowyer F & Shields GA

(2022) Orbitally-Driven Nutrient Pulses Linked to Cambrian Oxygenation and Animal Radiations
Zhang Y, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, He T, Yang T & Zhu M

(2021) Reconstructing the Late Ediacaran Sulfur Cycle Using New Data from South China
Tian Z, Zhou Y, Mills BJW, Zhu M, Lu M, Li C, Shi W & Shields GA

(2021) Oxygenation at the Onset of the Neoproterozoic – Evidence from North China
Zhou Y, Basu A, Dickson A, Zhu M & Shields GA

(2020) Reconstructing Biogeochemical Cycles during and after the Ediacaran DOUNCE (Shuram) Excursion
Tian Z, Shields G, Zhou Y, Zhu M & Lu M

(2019) Spatiotemporal Coevolution of Oxygen Levels and Early Animals
Li C, Shi W, Jin C, Cheng M, Zhu M & Lyons T

(2019) New Re-Os Ages for the Ediacaran Period: An Update on Constraining Global Environmental Change
Rooney A, Busch J, Cantine M, Bergmann K, Macdonald F, Strauss J & Zhu M

(2019) Late Ediacaran Organic Matter Characterization in South China
Cañadas F, Shields G, Papineau D, Zhu M & Leng MJ

(2017) Extreme Redox Oscillations due to Coupling of the Marine Sulphur and Carbon Cycles during the Cambrian Explosion
He T, Shields-Zhou GA, Zhu M, Mills BJW & Wynn PM

(2017) A Tonian Seawater Strontium Isotope Curve
Zhou Y, Manning C, Li D, Ling H, Zhu M & Shields G

(2017) High-Precision Geochronology of the Upper Ediacaran in South China: Implications for the Stratigraphic Correlation
Yang C, Li X-H, Zhu M & Condon D

(2015) Ocean Detoxification and Nutrient Cycling in the Early Neoproterozoic
Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Butterfield NJ, Zhu M & Shields-Zhou GA

(2015) Constructing a Neoproterozoic Seawater Strontium Isotope Curve
Zhou Y, Shields G, Manning C, Thirlwall M, Thurow J, Zhu M & Ling H

(2014) Fe Isotopic Characteristics of Neoproterozoic Iron Formations in South China
Yan B, Zhu X-K, Li Z-H, Li J, Zhu M-Y & Zhang F-F

(2014) A Rapid and Synchronous Initiation of the Sturtian Glaciations
Lan Z, Li X, Zhu M, Chen Z, Zhang Q, Li Q, Liu Y & Tang G

(2009) Testing Primary Origin and Duration of the Largest Negative δ13C Excursion in the Ediacaran Ocean: Insight from South China
Zhu M, Lü M, Shen Y, Shields G & Zhang J

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