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All abstracts by Udo Zimmermann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Mineralogical Changes as a Result of Flooding Experiments for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured Chalk
Bredal TV, Zimmermann U, Madland MV & Minde MW

(2019) A Toolbox for Characterization of Chalk
Minde MW, Zimmermann U & Madland MV

(2016) Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool for Magnesium Estimation in Mg-Calcite
Borromeo L, Zimmermann U, Andò S, Coletti G, Bersani D, Egeland N, Basso D, Gentile P & Garzanti E

(2016) Studies of Mineralogical Changes for the Understanding of Enhanced Oil Recovery Mechanisms at Porescale
Minde MW, Zimmermann U, Madland MV & Korsnes RI

(2016) Raman Spectroscopy Applied to Enhanced Oil Recovery Research
Egeland N, Zimmermann U, Borromeo L, Andò S, Madland MV, Minde MW & Korsnes RI

(2013) Geochemistry and Isotope Geochemistry of Upper Cretaceous Chalk as Equivalent for Reservoir Chalk of the North Sea Basin for EOR
Wang W, Madland M, Zimmermann U, Bertolino SAR, Hildebrand-Habel T & Kornes RI

(2011) Isotope Study of Neoproterozoic to Lower Palaeozoic Successions of the Southern Kalahari Craton
Naidoo T, Zimmermann U, Miyazaki T & Vervoort J

(2009) Unroofing the Kalahari Craton: Provenance Data from Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Successions
Zimmermann U, Fourie P, Naidoo T, Chemale Jr F, Nakamura E, Kobayashi K, Kosler J, Beukes N, Tait J & van Staden A

(2008) Provenance of Early Paleozoic Siliciclastic Sandstones from NW Argentina – Results from an Ongoing Study on Detrital Zircons
Rüsing T, Augustsson C, Kooijman E, Berndt J & Zimmermann U

(2005) Chromites from Upper Ordovician Strata of the Precordilleran Terrane as Tracer of pre-Ordovician Oceanic Crust in Central Argentina
Abre P, Cingolani C, Zimmermann U & Cairncross B

(2005) Provenance Studies on the Neoarchean the Ventersdorp Supergroup (South Africa)
Schneiderhan EA, Zimmermann U & Gutzmer J

(2005) The Crustal Evolution of the Central Andes during the Neoproterozoic to the Silurian
Zimmermann U & Bahlburg H

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