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All abstracts by Ethan Baxter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sharing the Geochemical Stories of the Earth with Children on the “Every Rock Has a Story” YouTube Channel
Baxter E

(2022) Calcium Isotopes as Fluid Tracers during Rodingtization
Hostettler E, Barnes JD, Lassiter JC, Satkoski A, Dragovic B, Starr P & Baxter E

(2022) Zoned Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology with Sub Million Year Age Precision: And So Can You!
Baxter E, Farrell T, Starr P & Harvey K

(2021) Fluid-Mediated Mass Transfer between Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks in Subduction Zones: Insights from the High-Pressure Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
Codillo EA, Klein F, Dragovic B, Marschall H, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2019) A Rapid Pulse of Garnet Growth and Deformation in the Betic Cordillera, Spain Revealed from Zoned Sm-Nd Geochronology of Spiral Garnets
Farrell T, Aerden D & Baxter E

(2019) Constraints on the P-T Conditions and Timing of Prograde Subduction of the Voltri Ophiolite
Broadwell K, Starr P, Dragovic B, Caddick M, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2019) Using Rodingite Dikes to Explore the P-T-T Histories of Subducted Serpentinites
Haws A, Starr P, Baxter E, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M & Belmonte D

(2019) Timing of Subduction and Exhumation of the Voltri Ophiolite: Evaluating Exhumation Mechanisms for HP Massifs
Starr P, Broadwell K, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M, Baxter E & Caddick M

(2018) Earth’s Oldest Garnet: 3.20 Ga Garnet Ages Robustly Constrain the Timing of Early Metamorphism
Maneiro K, Cutts K, Baxter E & Stevens G

(2018) Radiogenic Isotope Tracers of Marine Sediment Provenance in the Limpopo Catchment
Haws A, Hemming S, Baxter E, Caley T, Cai Y, Babin D & Tappa M

(2018) Comparing Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths Across the Beigua Unit, Voltri Ophiolite: Implications for the Exhumation Mechanisms of HP Massifs
Starr P, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2018) Rocks beneath Our Toes (RoBOT): An Experiential Learning Collaboration in Geochemistry for Undergraduate and High School Students
Baxter E

(2018) Teaching the Rocks and Minerals of Climate Change to Sixth Graders
Baxter E

(2018) Plate Motions from Porphyroblasts: Direct Dating of Multiple Deformation Phases in the NW Himalaya
Walker S, Sayab M & Baxter E

(2018) Dating Changes in Relative Plate Motion in the Betic-Rif Cordillera Using Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology
Farrell T, Baxter E, Aerden D & Stewart EM

(2018) Unraveling the Age of HT Metamorphism in Eastern Senegal: Evidence from U-Pb in situ Analyses on Monazite and Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology
Kone J, Baratoux L, Maneiro K, Baxter E, Vanderhaeghe O, Duchène S, Ndiaye PM, Pitra P, Dufrechou G & Bruguier O

(2015) Detrital Garnet Geochronology as a Complement to Detrital Zircon and Monazite Ages from the French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Eccles-Maneiro K, Baxter E, Samson S & Marschall H

(2015) Sm-Nd Garnet Metamorphic Ages in the Bole-Nangodi Belt, Ghana
Baratoux L, Honn D, Eccles KA, Baratoux D, Baxter E, Dragovic B, Block S & Jessell MW

(2014) Discovery of a Neo-Acadian Ultrahigh Temperature Metamorphic Event in Central Massachusetts via Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology and Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry
Ostwald C, Sullivan N, Baxter E, Ague J & Eckert J

(2014) Sub-Nanogram Nd Isotope Analysis via TIMS: Magic Potions, Fancy Resistors, but Don’t Forget the Blank
Baxter E, Honn D, Eccles K & Sullivan N

(2013) The Chronology of Dehydration
Baxter E, Dragovic B & Caddick M

(2012) Constraining Dehydration Rates during Regional Metamorphism, Townshend Dam, Vermont, U.S.A
Dragovic B, Gatewood M, Baxter E, Stowell H, Hirsch D & Bloom R

(2012) Determining Garnet Crystallization Kinetics from Growth Zoning and Mn-Calibrated Sm-Nd Ages at Townshend Dam, VT
Bloom R, Hirsch D, Dragovich B, Gatewood M, Baxter E & Stowell H

(2012) Progress in Detrital Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology: The Second Point on the Isochron
Baxter E, Eccles K & Sullivan N

(2012) Exploration and Enhancement of Sm/Nd Carbonate Geochronology
Sullivan N, Baxter E & Maher K

(2011) Phosphate Dissolution/Precipitation Controls on Isotopic Compositions of Continental Assimilants
Barkman J, Bryce J, Watson B, Blichert-Toft J, Baxter E & Bowring S

(2011) Accelerating Garnet Growth and Related Dehydration at Blueschist-Facies Conditions, Sifnos, Greece
Dragovic B, Baxter E & Caddick M

(2011) Causes of Pulsed Mineral Growth during Metamorphism
Baxter E, Caddick M, Thompson A, Dragovic B, Pollington A & Ague J

(2011) Contrasting Mechanisms for Two Pulses of Garnet Growth at Stillup Tal, Tauern Window, Austria
Caddick M, Baxter E & Pollington A

(2011) 2575 Ma Age of Nuvvuagittuq Metamorphic Garnet
Sullivan N, Baxter E & Mojzsis S

(2010) Detrital Garnet Sm/Nd Geochronology
Baxter E, Jordan M & Inglis J

(2010) Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Zonation in Shear Zone Garnet: Evidence for Open System Exchange
Andrews M, Baxter E, Pollington A, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2010) Constraining the Duration and Rate of Garnet Growth and Dehydration during Subduction, Sifnos, Greece
Dragovic B, Mehl L, Baxter E & Selverstone J

(2009) Sm/Nd Garnet Geochronology: Higher Precision on Smaller Samples
Baxter E, Pollington A, Dragovic B, Jordan M & Inglis J

(2009) Pulses of Rapid Garnet Growth Observed from Microsampling and Sm/Nd Geochronology in a Single Zoned Garnet
Pollington A & Baxter E

(2008) Two Diffusion Mechanisms for Argon in K-Feldspar?
Kelley SP, Baxter E, Cherniak D, Clay P, Thomas J & Watson B

(2008) High Precision Neodymium Isotopic Analysis of Very Small (1-10ng Nd) Aliquots
Baxter E, Harvey J, Mehl L, Pollington A & Peterman E

(2007) Focused Pulses of Regional Metamorphism
Baxter E, Ague J & Lancaster P

(2007) Slow Reaction Rates, Disequilibrium, and Excess Argon: Teaching Some Bad Dogs New Tricks
Baxter E

(2006) Two Diffusive Pathways for Argon in Quartz and Feldspar
Baxter E, Clay P, Kelley S, Watson B, Cherniak D & Thomas J

(2005) Comparing Natural Reaction Kinetics for Isotopic Exchange and Net-Transfer Reactions
Baxter E

(2005) Importance of Ar, He Transport and Partitioning in Grain Boundaries
Baxter E

(2002) Can Metamorphic Reactions Proceed Faster Than Strain?
Baxter E & DePaolo D

(2001) Field Measurement of Slow Metamorphic Reaction Rates and the Implications for Local Equilibrium-Based Geochemical Methods
Baxter EF

(2001) Importance of the ‘Transmissive Timescale’ for Ar in the Crust and a Hypothesis for Local Non-K Bearing Mineral Sinks for Ar
Baxter EF, DePaolo DJ & Renne PR

(2000) Sr and Ar Isotopic Variations About a Lithologic Contact Near Simplon Pass, Switzerland: Implications for Diffusional Exchange and Geochronology
Baxter EF, DePaolo DJ & Renne PR

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