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All abstracts by Harry Becker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Globally Findable Planetary Data: The Interdisciplinary TR170-DB Repository
Lehmann E, Becker H, Fritz T, Wille F, Sabisch A, Sievers D & Schlegel B

(2023) Origin of the Volatile Element Depletion in CR and CV Carbonaceous Chondrites and their Components
Regnault M, Florin G, Gleißner P, John T & Becker H

(2023) Siderophile Volatile Element Inventory of Apollo 17 high-Ti Mare Basalts: Assessing the Influence of Fractional Crystallization and Magmatic Degassing
Kallnik N, Gleissner P & Becker H

(2023) Comparative Chronology of Apollo 16 Impactites and Implications for the Landing Site Stratigraphy
Černok A, Haber T, Dürr T, Rocholl A, Schwarz WH, Jeon H, Whitehouse M, Scherer EE & Becker H

(2023) Siderophile Volatile Element Inventory of Lunar Low-Ti Mare Basalts: Constraints on Magmatic Processes and Mantle Sources
Gleißner P & Becker H

(2023) Zinc and Copper Stable Isotope Fractionation in Lunar Mare Basalts: Constraints on Interior Composition and Volatile Depletion Processes
Florin G, Gleißner P & Becker H

(2023) Confirming the KREEP-Rich Nature of the Parental Melt of Noritic Anorthosite in Apollo 16 Breccia 67955 Using Pb-Pb Systematics
Haber T, Černok A, Becker H & Scherer EE

(2023) Origin of Massive Dunites of the Crust-Mantle Transition in the Oman Ophiolite at Wadi Zeeb (ICDP Oman Drilling Project)
Becker H, Weitkamp S, Fleming WL, Kaehne Z, Stammeier JA, Gleißner P, Hoffmann JE, Takazawa E & Koepke J

(2022) Erg Chech 002 Crystallized at 4566.6 ±0.6 Ma Dated by 53Mn-53Cr Chronometry
Zhu K, Becker H, Li S-J, Liu X-N & Elliott T

(2022) Investigating the Late Accretion History and Convective Homogenization of the Terrestrial Mantle – New Perspectives from Coupled Ru Isotope and HSE Abundance Data
Tusch J, Fischer-Gödde M, Hoffmann JE, Gerritzen C, Gans P, Maier W, Van Kranendonk MJ, Smithies H, Becker H & Münker C

(2022) Metadata Examples for Isotopic Data in Cosmo- and Geochemistry Data Repositories
Becker H & Lehmann E

(2021) Tracing the Origin and Differentiation of the Enstatite Achondrite Parent Bodies Using Cr Isotopes
Zhu K, Moynier F, Schiller M, Becker H, Barrat J-A & Bizzarro M

(2021) The Behavior of the U-Pb System in Apatite and Zr Minerals in Pristine Lunar Norite during Infiltration by Imbrium Impact Melt
Vanderliek DM, Becker H, Rocholl A, Schwarz WH & Whitehouse M

(2021) Siderophile Volatile Elements in Lunar Rocks – Constraints on Late-Stage Magmatic Degassing
Gleißner P, Salme J & Becker H

(2021) The Effect of Early Irradiation and Volatility on 54Cr and 53Cr Abundances in Components of EH3 Chondrites
Kadlag Y, Hirtz J, Becker H, Leya I & Mezger K

(2021) Impact Origin of 4.33 Ga Old Baddeleyite in a Strongly Shocked Silica Oversaturated Lunar Norite
Dürr TA, Becker H, Schwarz WH & Vanderliek DM

(2021) Ruthenium Isotope Constraints on the Nature of Earth’s Late-Stage Building Blocks
Fischer-Gödde M, Münker C, Becker H, Maier W, Szilas K, Gerritzen C, Van Kranendonk M & Smithies H

(2020) Re-Os and Highly Siderophile Element Systematics of Archean Komatiites from Kambalda (W-Australia)
Gerritzen C, Fischer-Gödde M, Becker H, Münker C, Smithies H & Gleißner P

(2020) Ruthenium Isotopic Evidence for a Missing Late Accretion Component in the Mantle Source of Pilbara Craton
Fischer-Gödde M, Münker C, Becker H, Wolfgang M, Van Kranendonk M & Smithies H

(2020) Zircon-Baddeleyite Age Relationships in a Polymict Lunar Breccia
Vanderliek D, Becker H, Rocholl A & Schwarz W

(2019) Chromium Isotope Variation in the Components of Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites
Kadlag Y & Becker H

(2019) Lack of Late-Accreted Materials in Archean Mantle Sources
Archer G, Brennecka G, Gleissner P, Stracke A, Becker H & Kleine T

(2019) The Silicon Isotopic Composition of the Silicate Earth: Revisiting the Enstatite Chondrite Connection
Becker H, Kadlag Y, Tatzel M & Frick D

(2018) High-Precision Analysis of 34S/32S with ConFlow-Elemental Analyzer-Irms
Schmid FE, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2018) Evaluating Nd Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Enstatite Chondrites
Brandon A, McLeod C, Rankenburg K & Becker H

(2018) The Distribution of Lead in Mantle Rocks: Insights from the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif (Italian Alps)
Wang Z, Lazarov M, Steinmann L, Becker H, Zou Z & Geng X

(2017) Hf-Nd Isotope and Platinum Group Element Patterns of >3.8 Ga Mantle Peridotites from SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Li C, Wang Z, Becker H & Rosing MT

(2017) Constant Cu/Ag in Mantle Pyroxenites, MORBs and OIBs – Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust
Wang Z, Liu Y, Becker H, Hoffmann E & Chen C

(2017) Wet or Dry? Compositional Constraints on Late Accreted Material
Becker H, Gleissner P, Li C & Wang Z

(2017) Impact-Generated Zircon and the History of Lunar Breccia 67955
Vanderliek DM, Becker H & Rocholl A

(2017) Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Pyroxenites from the Earth’s Mantle
Schmid FE, Iden E, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2017) Siderophile Volatile Element Fractionation in the Solar Nebula
Becker H, Kadlag Y & Wang Z

(2016) What Controls the Fractionation of Cd Isotopes in Marine Carbonates? Case Studies from the Neoproterozoic Strata on Yangtze Platform, South China
Hohl S, Galer S, Jiang S-Y & Becker H

(2016) Behavior of Mo and Mo/Ce in the Mantle: Insights from Peridotites and Pyroxenites of the Balmuccia and Baldissero Massifs, Italian Alps
Wang Z & Becker H

(2016) Origin of Cr Isotopic Variations in Physically Separated Components of the Unequilibrated Chondrites Allende and Murchison
Kadlag Y, Harbott A & Becker H

(2015) Cd Isotopic Variations in Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from South China; Biogenic or Abiogenic Isotope Fractionation?
Hohl SV, Galer SJG & Becker H

(2015) Abundances of Chalcophile Volatile Elements in 2.7 Ga Komatiites from Belingwe, Zimbabwe
Li C, Becker H, Puchtel IS, Wang Z & Hoffmann EJ

(2015) Highly Siderophile Element Fractionations in Apollo 16 Impact Rocks: Origin by Small-Scale or Large-Scale Processes?
Gleissner P & Becker H

(2015) Abundances of Ag and Cu in Mantle Peridotites and the Implications for Magmatic Fractionation of Chalcophile Elements in the Mantle
Wang Z & Becker H

(2015) Disequilibrium between Sulfides in Mantle Rocks: Implications for Chalcophile Element Cycling
Becker H & Wang Z

(2015) Sulfur, Se, and Te Abundances in Chondrites and their Components
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H, Bischoff A, Günther D & Münker C

(2015) Origin of Siderophile Element Fractionations in Components of Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites
Kadlag Y & Becker H

(2014) Highly Siderophile Elements in Hadean-Eoarchean Rocks of the Acasta Region
Li C, Becker H, Sprung P, Scherer E & Bleeker W

(2014) Magmatic Fractionation of Chalcogen and Highly Siderophile Elements in the Mantle: Constraints from Pyroxenites in the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif
Wang Z & Becker H

(2013) HSE and S-Se-Te Fractionation in Components of Enstatite Chondrites
Kadlag Y & Becker H

(2013) 184Os-180W Decay: A New Chronometer in Geocosmochemistry
Peters S, Münker C, Becker H & Schulz T

(2013) Multi-Proxy Study of Shallow- and Deep-Water Doushantuo Carbonates, Yangtze Platform, South China
Hohl S, Becker H, Herzlieb S, Guo Q & Gamper A

(2013) Composition of the Oceanic Crust: Where Have all the Noble Metals Gone?
Becker H & Meyer C

(2013) Accretion of a Volatile Rich Late Veneer Recorded by CI Chondrite-Like S/Se and Se/Te in the Earth’s Mantle
Wang Z & Becker H

(2013) Peridotite-Derived Sulfides in Pyroxenites from the Lanzo and the Lherz Ultramafic Massifs?
Gawronski T, Becker H & Humayun M

(2012) Isotope Dilution Analysis of Se and Te in Chondritic Meteorites
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H & Bischoff A

(2012) Abundances of Sulfur, Selenium and Tellurium in Mantle Peridotites: Constraints on Planetary Fractionation and Late Accretion
Wang Z & Becker H

(2012) Fractionation of Highly Siderophile Elements in the Lower Oceanic Crust at ODP Site 735b, SW Indian Ridge
Meyer C & Becker H

(2012) HSE and Os Isotope Systematics of Mantle Pyroxenites from the Lherz and Lanzo Ultramafic Massifs
Gawronski T & Becker H

(2012) Trace Element Abundances in Doushantuo Cap Dolostones from Platform and Slope Settings, Yangtze Platform, South China
Hohl S, Becker H, Hippler D & Baro W

(2012) Primary Origin vs. Redistribution of Trace Elements by Fluid Flow in Slope Facies Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from the Yangtze Platform (South China)
Becker H, Baero W, Quiring M, Hammerschmidt K, Wiechert U & Hippler D

(2011) Age and Nature of Meteoritic Components on the Moon
Fischer-Gödde M & Becker H

(2011) Highly Siderophile Element and Os Isotope Systematics of Pyroxenite Layers from the Lanzo Peridotite Body (Northern Italy)
Gawronski T & Becker H

(2011) Fractionation of Highly Siderophile Elements, Selenium and Tellurium in Peridotites from the Baldissero and Balmuccia Peridotite Massifs, Ivrea Zone (Northern Italy)
Wang Z, Becker H & Gawronski T

(2011) Reconciling Abundances of Highly Siderophile Elements and Major Volatiles in the Silicate and Near-Surface Earth
Becker H & Fischer-Gödde M

(2011) Lithium and Its Isotopes in Central European Rivers
Wiechert U, Ullmann C, Uhlig D, Pfahl T, Ricking M & Becker H

(2011) Controls on Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Slope Facies Ediacaran carbonates, Yangtze Platform (South China)
Baero W, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2011) Re-Os Geochronology of Black Shales from the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation, Yangtze Platform, South China
Zhu B, Becker H, Jiang S-Y, Pi D & Fischer-Gödde M

(2010) Final Depletion of the Kaapvaal Cratonic Root: Lu-Hf Versus Re-Os Dating of Garnet Peridotites from the Finsch Mine (South Africa)
Brey GP, Becker H, Lazarov M & Shu Q

(2009) Highly Siderophile Element Abundances and 187Os/188Os in Lunar Impact Melt Breccias
Fischer-Gödde M, Becker H & Wombacher F

(2009) Constraints from Mantle Pyroxenites on Highly Siderophile Element Fractionation during Melt Transport in the Mantle
Becker H, van Acken D, Fischer-Gödde M & Wombacher F

(2009) Authigenic Zircons and Monazites in Ediacaran Sediments of the Yangtze Platform (South China)
Baero W, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) Trace Element Abundances in Sulfide and Phosphide Bearing Inclusions in Iron Meteorites
Meyer C, Wombacher F, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) Selenium and Tellurium Abundances in Mafic and Ultramafic Rock Reference Samples by ID-ICP-MS
Wombacher F, Ziegler A & Becker H

(2008) Aluminochrons and Re-Os Model Ages of Peridotites Revisited
Becker H & van Acken D

(2008) Barium, but no Sr Isotope Anomalies in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Wombacher F, Hammerschmidt K, Becker H & Pack A

(2008) Rhodium, Gold and Other Highly Siderophile Element Abundances in Terrestrial Peridotites
Fischer-Goedde M, Becker H, Wombacher F & Lorand J-P

(2007) Fractionated HSE in Suboceanic Mantle: Assessing the Influence of Refertilization Processes on Upper Mantle Peridotites
van Acken D, Becker H, Wombacher F, Walker RJ, McDonough WF, Ash RD & Piccoli PM

(2007) Determination of Siderophile and Chalcophile Elements in Peridotites by Sector Field ICP-MS
Meier LC, van Acken D, Fischer-Gödde M, Wombacher F & Becker H

(2007) Geochemical Tracing of Core-Mantle Interaction: High-Precision W Isotopic Data on Komatiites Using TIMS
Becker H, Brandon A & Walker R

(2007) Rhodium, Gold and Other Highly Siderophile Elements in Chondrites
Fischer-Gödde M, Wombacher F & Becker H

(2007) Barium Isotope Compositions of Chondrites Revisited
Wombacher F & Becker H

(2002) Ru and Mo Isotopic Constraints on the Scale of Isotopic Homogeneity in Meteorites and their Parent Bodies
Becker H & Walker R

(2001) The 98Tc-98Ru and 99Tc-99Ru Chronometers: New Results on Iron Meteorites and Terrestrial Ru
Becker H & Walker RJ

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