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All abstracts by Udo Becker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Rapid Characterization of Novel Uranyl Complex Redox Behavior at the Mineral-Fluid Interface via Quantum Mechanical Models and Electrochemistry
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2021) Surface-Mediated Reactions of Uranyl Peroxide Materials U60 and Studtite at the Mineral-Electrolyte Interface
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2020) Quantum Mechanical Models to Electrochemistry: Understanding the Redox Properties of Uranyl Peroxides
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2018) Quantum Mechanical Predictions of Thermodynamic Mixing Properties of Alunite Supergroup Minerals
Kim Y & Becker U

(2018) Kinetics of Discrete Aqueous Redox Reaction Sub-Steps Using Computational Methods: Application to Reactions of Plutonyl (PuO2+/2+) with Fe2+, Fe3+, and (•OH)
Becker U & Bender W

(2018) Quantum Mechanical Determination of the Incorporation of Pentavalent Plutonium into Carbonate and Sulfate Minerals
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2017) Sulfate (S6+), Sulfite (S4+), and Sulfide (S2-) Partitioning into Apatite: Its Potential and Limitations
Fiege A, Konecke B, Kim Y, Simon A, Parat F & Becker U

(2016) Probing Uranyl Peroxide Materials U60 and Studtite Using in situ Electrochemical XAS Methods
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2016) Imaging the Reduction of chromium(VI) on Magnetite Surfaces Using in situ Electrochemical AFM
Walker S, Marcano M, Bender W & Becker U

(2015) Precipitation of Pentavalent Uranium on Magnetite
Yuan K, Ilton E, Antonio M & Becker U

(2015) Electrochemical Investigation of Arsenic Redox Chemistry on Pyrite
Voorhis J, Becker U & Renock D

(2015) Reduction of U(VI) by Fe(II): Influence of Fe- and Al-(oxyhydr)oxides on Redox Catalysis
Taylor S, Marcano M, Rosso K & Becker U

(2015) Probing Uranyl Peroxide Materials U60 and Studtite Using in situ Electrochemical XAS Methods
Gebarski B & Becker U

(2013) Uranium Reduction on Magnetite: An Electrochemistry Approach
Yuan K, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2013) Quantum-Mechanical Calculations on Uranium (Co)adsorption and Reduction on Iron and Aluminum (Oxyhydr)oxides
Fernando S & Becker U

(2013) A First Principles Study of Uranyl and Neptunyl Incorporation into Sulfate Minerals
Walker S & Becker U

(2013) Multi-Scale Simulation of Structural Heterogeneity of Swift-Heavy Ion Tracks in Complex Oxides
Wang J, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2013) Actinide Redox Processes on Iron Sulfides: An Electrochemical, Microscopic, and Computational Approach
Becker U, Yuan K & Renock D

(2012) Quantum-Mechanical Calculations on Actinide Sorption and Reduction of Sulfides and Oxides
Becker U & Renock D

(2012) The Energetic and Kinetics of Uranyl Reduction on Pyrite, Hematite, and Magnetite Surfaces: A Powder Microelectrode Study
Renock D, Mueller M, Ewing R & Becker U

(2010) Ab Initio Calculations of He Diffusion in Apatite
Bengtson A, Ewing R & Becker U

(2010) Structure and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Clusters in Hydrogen Clathrate Hydrate by Molecular Dynamics Simulation and First-Principles Calculation
Lu H, Wang J & Becker U

(2010) Electronic Structure of Ti, Zr, Hf and Sn Containing Garnets – Materials for Immobilization of Actinides
Rak Z, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2010) The Influence of Muscovite and Orthoclase on the Precipitation of CaCO3 Polymorphs
Hu Q, Zhang J, Teng H, Ewing R & Becker U

(2010) Structure and Energetics of the Orientational Ordering of Carbonate in Vaterite Calcium Carbonate by Molecular Modeling
Wang J & Becker U

(2010) Application of Computational Studies to the Critical Processes in the Near-Field
Becker U

(2010) First Principles Investigation of Coupled Substitution in Galena
Renock D & Becker U

(2009) Controlled Growth of Different Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs as Induced by the Presence of Dissolved Molecules and Mineral Surfaces
Becker U & Hu Q

(2008) Gold Deposition onto Arsenian Pyrite
Renock D, Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R & Becker U

(2008) Actinide Adsorption onto Hematite (001) Surface
Shuller L, Poling J, Ewing R & Becker U

(2007) Arsenic Uptake and Release on Sulfide Nanoparticles
Renock D, Utsunomiya S, Gallegos T, Hayes K, Ewing R & Becker U

(2007) Ti Substitution in Zircon
Anderson BE, Essene E & Becker U

(2007) Adsorption Energy Trends on UO<sub>2</sub> And ThO<sub>2</sub> Surfaces
Skomurski F, Ewing R & Becker U

(2005) Insitu Observation of Thermodynamic Size Effects on Melting of Natural Gold Nanoparticles
Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Becker U, Wang L & Ewing R

(2005) Interaction of Mineral Surfaces with Oligopeptides as Organic Templates: An Insight into Biomineralization
Biswas S & Becker U

(2005) Dynamic Simulations of Polypeptide Networks to Form Ca-Carbonate Seed Crystals
Becker U & Biswas S

(2005) The Corrosion of UO<->2<$> Versus ThO<->2<$>: A Quantum Mechanical Investigation
Skomurski F, Shuller L, Becker U & Ewing R

(2004) Quantum-Mechanical and Monte Carlo Simulations of Fe-As-S Solid Solution Properties and the Energetics of Au Incorporation into Arsenian Pyrite
Reich M, Becker U & Kesler S

(2004) Magnetic and Chemical Ordering in the Ilmenite-Hematite Solid Solution: From Lamellar Magnetism to Self Reversals
Harrison R & Becker U

(2004) Quantum Mechanical Versus Empirical Potential Modeling of UO2 Surface-Water Interactions
Skomurski F, Becker U & Ewing R

(2001) The Proximity Effect on Semiconducting Mineral Surfaces
Becker U, Rosso KM & Hochella Jr. MF

(2001) Molecular Simulations and AFM Observations of Jarosite Growth at the Molecular Scale
Becker U & Gasharova B

(2000) Epitaxial Growth of Gypsum on Anhydrite: In situ AFM Observations and Computer Calculations
Pina CM, Becker U & Fernández-Díaz L

(2000) Molecular Simulations and AFM Observations on the Interaction of Organic Growth Inhibitors and Ionic Strength on the Crystal Growth of Barite and Celestite
Becker U, Risthaus P & Bosbach D

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