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All abstracts by Harald Behrens in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Dehydration of Dacitic Glasses Near the Glass Transition
Pohl F, Behrens H & Dohmen R

(2021) Mixing between Chemically Variable Primitive Basalts Creates and Modifies Crystal Cargoes
Neave DA, Beckmann P, Namur O, Shorttle O, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2020) Deep Sea Explosive Eruptions may be not so Different from Subaerial Eruptions
Iezzi G, Lanzafame G, Mancini L, Behrens H, Tamburrino S, Vallefuoco M, Passaro S, Signanini P & Ventura G

(2019) Mixing Modifies the Crystal Record of Magmatic Evolution
Neave D, Beckmann P, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2019) Experiments on OH-F-Cl Exchange Partitioning between Biotite and Silicate Melt and Calibration of Compositional Effects
Zhang C, Li X, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2017) Trace Element Diffusion during Mixing of Rhyolitic and Shoshonitic Magmas
González-García D, Petrelli M, Behrens H, Vetere F, Morgavi D & Perugini D

(2017) Experimental Investigation of Copper Transport in Fluids: Cu Solubility and Isotopic Fractionation
Qi D, Behrens H, Lazarov M, Botcharnikov R & Holtz F

(2016) Experimental Studies on Degassing of Sulfur-Bearing Andesite and Basalt
Fiege A, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2013) New Constraints on the Pre-Eruptive Storage Conditions of the Campanian Ignimbrite (Campi Flegrei, IT)
Fanara S, Botcharnikov R, Palladino DM, Husen A, Macchi Ceccarani G, Righi S & Behrens H

(2013) The Structural Role of Iron in Pantelleritic Glasses
Stabile P, Cicconi MR, Giuli G, Behrens H, Knipping J & Paris E

(2013) The Role of Alkalis in the Solubility of H2O and CO2 in Silicate Melts
Vetere FP, Behrens H, Botcharnikov R, Holtz F & Fanara S

(2013) Towards in situ Determination of Sulfur Speciation in Fluids at High P-T at Controlled Redox Conditions
Dietrich M, Behrens H, Schmidt C & Wilke M

(2013) Textural Evolution of a Basaltic Melt in Function of Cooling Rate
Giuliani L, Cauti F, Iezzi G, Vetere F, Poe B, Cavallo A, Misiti V, Ventura G, Mollo S & Behrens H

(2013) Glass Forming Ability of Sub-Alkaline Silicate Melts
Misiti V, Vetere F, Iezzi G, Behrens H, Holtz F, Ventura G, Cavallo A, Dietrich M & Mollo S

(2011) The Influence of F, P and B Content on Pegmatitic Melt Viscosity
Bartels A, Knipping J, Behrens H, Holtz F & Schmidt B

(2011) Formation of Carbonate Minerals during Magmatic/Hydrothermal Alteration of Volcanic Rocks at Unzen Volcano, Japan
Simonyan A, Dultz S, Behrens H, Fiebig J & Voges K

(2011) Geochemical Signatures of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction – Ketones and Sulphur Species
Germerott S, Ostertag-Henning C & Behrens H

(2011) Lithium Self-Diffusion in LiAlSi2O6 Glass and Single Crystals
Welsch A-M, Behrens H, Horn I, Ross S, Vulic PJ, Murawski D & Kremenovic A

(2011) Towards a Numerical Model to Constrain the Time Scales for Vertically Moving Axial Magma Chambers beneath Fast-Spreading Ocean Ridges
Kirchner C, Koepke J & Behrens H

(2011) Partitioning of S(-Cl) and S-Isotopes between Fluid and Andesitic Melt
Fiege A, Behrens H, Mandeville C & Shimizu N

(2010) Experimental Investigations on TSR in a Mineral Buffered System with Fixed H2 and H2S Fugacities
Germerott S, Ostertag-Henning C & Behrens H

(2009) Preeruptive Conditions and Dynamic Processes in Magmatic Systems: The Example of Unzen 1991-1995 Eruption
Cichy SB, Holtz F, Botcharnikov RE, Behrens H, Vetere F & Sato H

(2009) Experimental Determination of Water Diffusion in Porous Basaltic Rocks of the Oceanic Crust
Simonyan A, Behrens H & Dultz S

(2007) Influence of Hydrogen on Electrical Conductivity in Enstatite
Schlechter E, Stalder R & Behrens H

(2007) Water Diffusion in Trachyte and Phonolite Melts
Fanara S, Behrens H & Zhang Y

(2007) Argon and Water Diffusion in Water-Poor Silicate Glasses
Behrens H

(2005) Experimental Calibration of the Fe Isotope Fractionation between Pyrrhotite and Silicate Melt
Schuessler J, Schoenberg R, Behrens H & von Blanckenburg F

(2003) Enhanced Sulfur Solubility in Chlorine-Bearing Rhyodacitic Melt – A Key to the Excess Sulfur Problem?
Botcharnikov R, Holtz F, Behrens H, Koepke J & Sato H

(2003) Water Speciation in Sodium Silicate Melts: Constraints from High Temperature IR Spectroscopy
Yamashita S, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2003) Solubility of CO2 in Hydrous Rhyoltic to Basaltic Melts
Behrens H, Holtz F, Ohlhorst S, Tamic N, Freise M & Botcharnikov R

(2001) H2O Speciation in Dacitic Melts
Liu Y, Behrens H & Zhang Y

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