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All abstracts by Sebastian Behrens in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Understading Biochar Nitrate Capture to Tailor Nitrogen Cycling in Agroecosystems
Hagemann N, Schmidt H-P, Joseph S, Conte P, Kammann CI, Albu M, Obst M, Borch T, Kappler A & Behrens S

(2015) Coupling of Fe and N Cycles by Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria in Freshwater Sediments
Schaedler F, Lockwood C, Otte J, Behrens S, Schmidt C & Kappler A

(2015) Cell-Mineral Associations in the Autotrophic Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-Oxidizing Enrichment Culture KS
Nordhoff M, Tominski C, Obst M, Behrens S & Kappler A

(2015) The Interplay of Microbially Mediated and Abiotic Reactions in the Biogeochemical Fe Cycle
Melton E, Swanner E, Behrens S, Schmidt C & Kappler A

(2015) Co-existence of Phototrophic, Microaerophilic and Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-Oxidizers in Marine Sediments
Laufer K, Schmidt C, Behrens S, Jorgensen BB & Kappler A

(2015) Rhizosphere Microorganisms Enhance Cd Accumulation by the Cd-Hyperaccumulating Plant Arabidosis Halleri
Muehe EM, Weigold P, Adaktylou IJ, Planer-Friedrich B, Krämer U, Kappler A & Behrens S

(2015) Microscopic and Physiological Studies of the Phototrophic Fe(II)-oxidizing Chlorobium Ferrooxidans sp. KoFox in Co-culture with Geospirillum sp. Strain KoFum
Gauger TC, Obst M, Behrens S, Konhauser KO & Kappler A

(2014) Do Iron(III) Minerals Protect Neutrophilic iron(II)-oxidizing Bacteria from UV Radiation and/Or Desiccation?
Gauger T, Behrens S & Kappler A

(2014) Interrelation and Competition of Different Types of Iron-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Marine Coastal Sediments
Laufer K, Behrens S, Schmidt C, Jørgensen BB & Kappler A

(2013) Cd Mobility in Anoxic Fe-Mineral-Rich Environments – Potential Use of Fe(III)-Reducing Bacteria for Soil Remediation
Muehe EM, Adaktylou IJ, Obst M, Schröder C, Behrens S, Hitchcock AP, Tyliszczak T, Krämer U & Kappler A

(2012) Spatial Distribution of As(V) in Cell-Mineral Aggregates Formed by NO3--reducing Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria
Obst M, Loesekann-Behrens T, Behrens S, Kappler A, Pantke C, Tylisczcak T & Hitchcock AP

(2009) Stimulation of Natural Organohalogen Formation by Microorganisms
Emmerich M, Behrens S, Kotte K, Schoeler HF & Kappler A

(2009) Microbially Mediated Geochemical Iron and Carbon Cycling in a Cold Mineral Spring
Hanselmann K, Hegler F, Horath T, Behrens S, Schmidt C & Kappler A

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