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All abstracts by Steve Beresford in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Evidence of Water Degassing in Archean Komatiites
Fiorentini ML, Beresford S, Stone W & Deloule E

(2006) The role of water in Precambrian ultramafic magmatism: Insights from an in-situ microbeam and nanobeam assessment of hydromagmatic amphibole
Fiorentini M, Beresford S, Deloule E, Stone B, Hanski E & Pearson N

(2006) Multiple S isotope study indicates footwall hydrothermal exhalative massive sulfides were the major sulfur source for Archean komatiite-hosted magmatic nickel-sulfides from Western Australia and Canada
Fiorentini M, Bekker A, Rumble D, Barley M & Beresford S

(2006) Geochemical Characteristics of Orogenic Nickel Sulphide deposits
Smits RG, Schaefer BF & Beresford SW

(2002) Re-evaluation of the Genesis of Kambalda-Style Komatiite-Hosted Ni-Cu-(PGE) Ore Deposits
Beresford S, Lahaye Y, Cas R, Jane M, Lambert D & Stone B

(2002) Did Komatiites Behave Differently from Normal Lavas?
Cas R, Beresford S, Rosengren N & Trofimovs J

(2001) Sulfide Ore-Bearing Komatiite Systems at Kambalda, Western Australia
Lahaye Y, Beresford SW, Lambert DD, Jane M & Stone WE

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