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All abstracts by Evgeniy Bastrakov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Characterisation of Uranium Redox State in Organic-Rich Marine Sediments of the Cretaceous Toolebuc Formation, Australia
Bastrakov E, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Bazarkina EF, Kvashnina K, Proux O, Testemale D, Boreham CJ, VanDerWielen S & Guagliardo P

(2023) Mineral Network Analysis for Heavy Minerals (MNA4HM) Web Application – A Tool to Explore Big Mineral Datasets
Bastrakov E, de Caritat P, Walker AT & McInnes BIA

(2022) Application of Network Analysis in Exploring Continent-Scale Mineral Datasets
Walker AT, Bastrakov E, McInnes BIA & de Caritat P

(2021) International Database on the Abundance of Critical Minerals in Ores: Relevance to Research and Development of Critical Mineral Resources
Hofstra AH, Bastrakov E, Champion DC, Czarnota K, Emsbo P, Gadd MG, Granitto M, Huston DL, Lauziere K, Lawley C, Lisitsin V, Raymond O & VanDerWielen S

(2021) An Interactive Atlas of Geochemical Diagrams for Critical Metals
Bastrakov E, Brugger J, Dick J, Guan Q, Liu W, Mei Y & Migdissov A

(2020) Building a Better Geochemical Picture of the Australian Landscape
Main P, Champion D, Wilford J & Bastrakov E

(2019) Geochemical Inversion of Alteration Assemblages for the Mineralisation Fluid: Examples for Proterozoic Base-Metal Mineral Systems
Bastrakov E, Siegel C, Hauser J, Champion D, Huston D & Czarnota K

(2019) GeoTPD — an Interactive Online Tool for Geochemical Modelling for the Broad Geological Community
Bastrakov E & Dick J

(2006) Metals and Fluids in IOCG Systems of the Gawler Craton: Constraints from Nd, O, H and S Isotopes
Skirrow R, Bastrakov E & Barovich K

(2006) Sodium chloride-water clusters in steam: classical, quantum chemical and thermodynamic computational approach.
Suleimenov OM, Bastrakov EN, Shvarov YV & Seward TM

(2005) FreeGs: A Web-Enabled Thermodynamic Database for Geochemical Modelling
Bastrakov E, Shvarov Y, Girvan S, Cleverley J, McPhail DB & Wyborn L

(2004) Geochemical Simulation of Veining and an Explanation for Bulk Mass Transfer in Fractured Rocks
Oliver N, Cleverley J & Bastrakov E

(2004) Reactor Style Modelling of Fluid-Rock Infilatration and Interaction Using the HCh Software Package
Cleverley J, Oliver N & Bastrakov E

(2002) Chemistry of High-Temperature Fluids in Fe-Oxide Cu-Au Systems
Bastrakov E, Kamenetsky V, Skirrow R & Mernagh T

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