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All abstracts by Hironori Akashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) Fluid Geochemistry of the Suiyo Hydrothermal Field at the Izu-Bonin Arc Submarine Volcano
Ishibashi J-I, Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Toki T, Teranishi G, Obata H & Gamo T

(2009) VFAs Concentrations in the Hydrothermal Fluids Venting from the Sediment-Hosted Hydrothermal System in the Wakamiko Submarine Crater, Japan
Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Maeto K, Chiba H, Matsukura S & Ishibashi J-I

(2008) Unique Shallow-Water Hydrothermal System Associated with Submarine Volcanism in the Aira Caldera, South Kyushu, Japan
Yamanaka T, Maeto K, Akashi H, Yokoyama M, Chiba H, Ishibashi J-I, Nakaseama M, Okamura K, Sugiyama T & Fujino K

(2008) Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Hydrothermal Fluids and the Associated Water Samples Obtained from Arc-Backarc Systems
Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Ishibashi J-I, Sunamura M, Kimura H, Toki T, Nakagawa S & Takai K

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