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All abstracts by Boris Belyatsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Geochemical Evolution of the Jurassic Plume Magmatism in The e. Antarctica
Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B, Sobolev A, Letchenkov G & Melankholina E

(2019) Source of Isotope Enrichment of East Antarctic Plume-Related Magmatism
Belyatsky B, Sushchevskaya N & Leitchenkov G

(2019) Baddeleyite + Zircon Association as a Tracer of Metamorphic Overprint
Lvov P, Rodionov N, Antonov A, Belyatsky B, Myskova T & Sergeev S

(2017) Geochemical Signatures of Alkaline Magmatism of E. ANTARCTICA Related to KERGUELEN-Plume Activity
Sushchevskaya NNM, Belyatsky B, Migdisova N, Sobolev A & Batanova V

(2017) Long-Term History of Tikshe-Eletozero Alkaline-Ultramafic Complex, Fennoscandian Shield, Russia: Isotopic Signatures
Belyatsky B, Krymsky R, Rodionov N, Petrov O, Lepekhina E, Antonov A, Prasolov E, Arzamastsev A, Shevchenko S & Sergeev S

(2017) Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Signatures of Alkaline-Carbonatite Magmatism of Urals Fold Belt, Russia
Nedosekova I & Belyatsky B

(2017) Pyrochlore and Baddeleyite from Carbonatites of the Paleozoic Polyphase Kovdor Massif (N.Karelia)
Rodionov N, Lepekhina E, Antonov A, Petrov O, Belyatsky B, Shevchenko S & Sergeev S

(2013) Zircon U-Pb-Ages, Hf Isotope and Trace Element Composition in the Evolution of the IVAC Complex (Urals, Russia)
Nedosekova I, Belousova E, Belyatsky B & Pearson N

(2013) Gaussberg Leicitites – New Data on Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Kuzmin D

(2013) Re–Os Age and Gold Source for Mayskoe Quartz-Vein Deposit (Northern Karelia, Baltic Shield)
Krymsky R, Belyatsky B, Goltsin N, Sergeev S & Bushmin S

(2011) Isotope-Geochemical Features of Enriched Mantle Source of Rift Tholeiites from Bouvet Triple Junction (South Atlantic)
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N & Belyatsky B

(2011) Reconnaissance Trace Element and Os-Mo-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Late Archean Black Shales in the Carajás Iron Ore District, Brazil
Lehmann B, Creaser R, Nägler T, Voegelin A, Belyatsky B, Cabral AR, Galbiatti H & Seabra A

(2010) Lithospheric Mantle Evolution of the East Antarctic Craton: Isotope Evidence and PGE Patterns of Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths
Belyatsky B, Krymsky R, Antonov A, Rodionov N & Sergeev S

(2009) Os Isotope Variation in Basaltic Glasses of the SW Indian Ridge
Krymsky R, Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Sergeev S

(2008) Geochemical Signatures of Oceanic Crust Zircon
Belyatsky B, Lepekhina E, Antonov A & Sergeev SA

(2008) Hydrothermal Zircon from Proterozoic Carbonatite Massif
Antonov A, Belyatsky B, Savva E, Rodionov N & Sergeev S

(2007) New Evidences for Existance of Early Archaean Terrains within Enderby Land, Antarctica
Belyatsky B, Rodionov N, Leitchenkov G & Sergeev S

(2007) The Role of Mantle Fluid in Formation of Modern Oceanic Sulfide Ore: Os Isotope Evidences
Krymsky R, Birk J-L, Belyatsky B, Cherkashev G, Stepanova T & Sergeev S

(2007) Atypical SHRIMP II REE Data in Zircons: A Positive Eu Anomaly
Paderin I, Mordberg L, Vetrin V, Belyatsky B & Sergeev S

(2007) The Source and the Character of Enrichment of Tholeiitic Magmas Developed on the Spreading Ridges Near the Bouvet Triple Junction
Migdisova NA, Sushchevskaya NM & Belyatsky B

(2006) Continental lithospheric mantle origin of 2.5 Ga old Monchegorsk layered intrusion from the Fennoscandian Shield
Tessalina S, Birck J-L, Allégre C-J, Sharkov EV & Belyatsky BA

(2006) Cu isotope composition of sulfide mineralization of ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal field (12º45'N, MAR)
Krymsky R, Belyatsky B, Kapitonov I, Cherkashev G & Sergeev S

(2006) First SHRIMP U-Th-Pb data on detrital zircons and monazite from ice drillcore, Vostok lake, Antarctica
Rodionov N, Belyatsky B, Matukov D, Antonov A, Presnyakov S, Leitchenkov G & Sergeev S

(2004) Pb Isotope Composition of Modern Sulfide Hydrothermal Fields (MAR)
Belyatsky B, Sushchevskaya N, Lazareva L & Beltenev V

(2004) Isotopic Evolution of Indian Oceanic Magmatism
Sushchevskaya N & Belyatsky B

(2004) Mesozoic Zircon from Gabbronorite of the MAR Axial Zone, 6 oN
Bortnikov N, Sharkov E, Skolotnev S, Zinger T & Belyatsky B

(2004) Age and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Characteristics of the Mid Atlantic Ridge Gabbro-Peridotite Complex
Krymsky R, Belyatsky B, Matukov D, Shulyatin O & Beltenev V

(2002) Enriched Tholeiitic Basalts of the Equatorial Atlantic: A Possible Role of the African Subcontinental Mantle
Belyatsky B, Sushchevskaya N & Beltenev V

(2002) Magmatism of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans as a Consequence of Deep Mantle Plumes Activity
Sushchevskaya N & Belyatsky B

(2001) The Genesis of Rare-Metal-Fluorite Mineralization (Voznesenka Ore-Field, Far East, Russia): Nd-Sr Isotope Constraints
Krymsky RS & Belyatsky BV

(2001) Age and Genesis of the Siilinjarvi Archean Carbonatite Complex in Light of Isotope Data
Belyatsky BV, Savva EV, Tikhomirova M, Grosche G & Wall F

(2000) Geochemical Heterogeneity of the Magmatism from the Ninetyeast and Investigator Ridges
Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Nikulin V

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