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All abstracts by Antoine Bénard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Probing Magma-Mush Reactions in Primitive Arc/Backarc Lavas Using Stable Fe Isotopes
Nebel O, Bénard A, Sossi PA, Brandl P, Whan T & Arculus R

(2022) Silicate Melts Derived from Spinel Harzburgite Sources in the Earth’s Upper Mantle: Petrogenesis, Volatiles and Precious Metals
Bénard A

(2019) Legacy of Subduction Past: Dormant, DupAl Mantle as Sampled by Low-Ca Boninites
Nebel O, Benard A, Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Richter M, Park J-W & Arculus R

(2019) Hybridization-Melting beneath Arcs: Consequences for the Formation of Continental Crust
Bénard A, Müntener O, Nebel O & Arculus R

(2017) Petrophysical and Experimental Investigations of Fluxed-Melting Processes in the Mantle Wedge
Benard A, Tommasi A, Vasilyev P, Arculus R & Nebel O

(2016) Oxidised Primary Arc Melts Trapped in Sub-Arc Mantle Xenoliths and the Origin of Calcalkaline or Low-Fe Rock Suites
Bénard A, Woodland A, Klimm K, Arculus R, Nebel O & Ionov D

(2015) The Sulphate Cycle in Subduction Zones. Another Clue to the Great Oxidation Event?
Klimm K, Bénard A, Woodland A, Arculus R & Ionov D

(2015) On the Formation of Subalkaline Arc Magmas: Source and Primary Melt Characteristics Inferred from Xenoliths and Experiments
Benard A, Nebel O, Vasilyev P, Arculus R, Ionov D & Yaxley G

(2014) Iron Isotope Compositions of Oceanic Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Sossi P, Whan T, Bènard A, Wille M, Vroon P & Arculus R

(2014) Noble Metal Enrichment in the Crust Through Hydrous Boninitic Melts
Bénard A, Park JW, Nebel O, Ionov DA, Arculus RJ, Alard O & Shimizu N

(2013) Melt Evolution from the Mantle Wedge to the Crust: Insights from South Kamchatka and West Bismarck Arc Xenoliths
Bénard A, McAlpine SRB, Nebel O, Tollan PME, Arculus RJ & Ionov DA

(2011) The Volatile Content of Subduction Zone Melts and Fluids
Bénard A, Ionov DA, Shimizu N & Plechov P

(2011) Laser-Induced Photo-Luminescence Spectroscopies: Probes for Sulfide Crystal-Chemistry
Bénard A, Olivier T, Moine BN, Ionov DA, Doucet L-S & Boyet M

(2010) PGE and Trace Elements in Veined Sub-Arc Mantle Xenoliths, Avachinsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Bénard A & Ionov DA

(2009) Veined Peridotite Xenoliths from the Avacha Volcano, Kamchatka: Fluid Types and Fluid-Rock Interaction in Supra-Subduction Mantle
Bénard A & Ionov DA

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