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All abstracts by Herbet Conceição in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Post-Collisional Magmatism in the Sergipano Orogenic System, NE Brazil: The Glória Norte Stock
Lisboa VAC, Rosa MLS & Conceição H

(2019) Genesis of Monazite in the Floresta Azul Alkaline Complex, NE Brazil
Santos JJA, Conceição H & Rosa MLS

(2018) Continental Arc Potassium Magmatisms in the South of Borborema Province, NE Brazil
Rosa MLS, Conceição H, Conceição JA & Pereira FS

(2018) Basic-Ultrapotassic Post-Collisional Magmatism with Arc Signature in the Sergipano Orogenic System, Brazil
Conceição H, Fontes MP, Lisboa VAC & Rosa MLS

(2017) U-Pb Zircon Ages in Granites (940 to 583 Ma) in the Sergipano Orogenic System, NE Brazil
Rosa MLS, Conceição JA, Lisboa VAC, Silva CC, Pereira FS & Conceição H

(2017) Evolution of the Myaskitic Magmatism in the South Bahia Alkaline Province, NE Brazil
Conceição H, Santos JJA & Rosa MLS

(2017) A Magma Mixing Origin for the Syn-Collisional Granitic Magmatism, Sergipano Orogenic System, Northeastern Brazil
Conceição JA, Conceição H, Lisboa VAC, Silva CC, Pereira FS & Rosa MLS

(2017) Evidence for Pre-Collisional (Acid)-Basic-Ultrabasic Magmatism in the Sergipano Orogenic System, Northeast Brazil
Pereira FS, Rosa MLS, Conceição JA, Bertotti AL & Conceição H

(2013) Carbonatitic Magmas? A Mineralogical and Isotopic Approach
Rios DC, Davis DW, Conceicao H, Rosa MLS & Moura CAV

(2012) Interaction between Lamprophiric and Riolitic Magmas in the Neoproterozoic Sergipano Belt, NE Brazil
Rosa MLS, Lisboa VAC, Conceicao H, Conceicao JA, Oliveira ACS, Silva CC & Rios DC

(2012) Syenitic Provinces in the Sao Francisco Craton, Brazil
Conceicao H, Rosa MLS & Rios DC

(2012) The Itaju do Colonia Sodalite Litchfieldite Stock, NE Brazil
Pimenta ACS, Conceicao H, Rosa MLS, Martin RF & Rios DC

(2005) Geochronology of a Rare Alkaline Magmatism: The Blue Sodalite-Syenite Ore (NE Brazil)
Rosa MLS, Menezes RCL, Conceição H, Macambira MJ, Galarza MA, Oliveira EC, Marinho MM & Rios DC

(2004) La, Ce, Nd and Sr Partition between Apatite and Minette Magma
Cid J, Enrique P, Conceição H & Nardi L

(2004) Nd and Sr Isotopic Composition of the South Bahia Alkaline Province (NE Brazil)
Rosa M, Conceição H, Marinho M, Macambira M, Cunha M, Peixoto A, Menezes R & Almeida R

(2004) Archaean Granites at Serrinha Nucleus, Bahia, Brazil
Rios D, Davis D, Conceição H, Rosa M & Dickin A

(2002) The Oldest Zircons from the South America Continent
Rios DC, Conceição H, Davis DW, Rosa MDLDS & Marinho MM

(2002) Early Proterozoic Alkaline Magmatism in the Northeastern Brazil as an Evidence of Archean and Early Proterozoic Heterogeneous Mantle
Conceição RV, Rosa MDL, Conceição H & Nardi LVS

(2002) Geochronology of the South Bahia Alkaline Province (NE Brazil)
Rosa MDLDS, Conceição H, Marinho MM, Macambira MJB & Marques LS

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