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All abstracts by T Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2005) Mechanical, Chemical, Magnetic, Transport, and Electronic Properties Changes at the Nanometer Scale
Xu H, Chen T & Wang Y

(2005) Genesis and Mineralogical Characteristics of Hematite in Loess-Paleosol Sequences of China
Xie Q, Chen T, Xu H, Ji J & Chen J

(2005) Intercalation of dye Anion in Mg/Al-Ldh: A Novel Method of Wastewater Treatment
Chen T, Xu H, Peng S & Fan M

(2004) Synthesis Mg/Al LDH Employed Wastewater of Acid Activation of Palygorskite Clay
Feng Y, Chen T, Qing C, Xu H & Peng S

(2004) Mechanism of palygorskite-Cu(alpha) Interaction in Aqueous Suspension System
Chen T, Feng Y, Qing C, Huang C, Xu H & Shi X

(2003) Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the North Side of the South China Sea over the Last 55 Years Revealed by Coral Delta 18O Records
Peng Z, He J, Chen T, Nie B & Liu G

(2003) Geochemical Reactions in Nanopores and Nanotubes
Wang Y, Xu H, Bryan C, Gao H & Chen T

(2003) Self-Assembled Nanostructures in Biomineralization
Xu H, Chen T, Nie Z, Jiang Y, Wang Y & Liu J

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