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All abstracts by J Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2007) Different Forms of Sulphur in the Lower Cambrian Ni-Mo Mineralized Black Shale in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, Southwest China
Zhou J, Hu K, Song SM, Cao J, Chen J & He B

(2006) Exsolved phases in apatites from the Qinglongshan eclogite, Jiangsu Province: A preliminary study
Chen J, Zeng LS, Chen FY & Liang FH

(2006) Widespread occurrences of apatites with high density sulfide mineral solid exsolutions in the Sulu eclogites
Zeng L, Chen J, Liang F & Xu Z

(2006) Tectono-geochemistry and localization-prognosis of No. 8 concealed orebody in the Qilinchang Zn-Pb-(Ag-Ge) deposit, Huize district, Yunnan, China
Han R, Chen J, Hu Y, Li Y & Zou H

(2006) Global cooling forced increase in marine 87Sr/86Sr ratios
Li G & Chen J

(2006) Mineralogical evidences of a warm and dry summer monsoon for the late Tertiary red clay formation, China
Ji J, Chen J, Zhou W, Zhao L & Wang H

(2006) Variations of 143Nd/144Nd and 87Sr/86Sr ratios of the Lingtai profile in the Chinese Loess Plateau during the past 7 Ma
Wang Y, Yang J, Chen J, Zhang K & Rao W

(2006) Reconstruction of the rainfall on the Chinese Loess Plateau during the past 130 ka from the dolomite distributions
Liu L, Wang H & Chen J

(2006) Carbonate Biomineralization Induced by Bacillus megaterium
Teng H, Hu Q, Lian B, Ji J & Chen J

(2005) Factors Controlling Tufa Deposition at Waterfall Sites
Chen J & Zhang DD

(2005) Genesis and Mineralogical Characteristics of Hematite in Loess-Paleosol Sequences of China
Xie Q, Chen T, Xu H, Ji J & Chen J

(2005) Use of Zr/Rb Ratios in Chinese Loess Sequences to Trace Paleo-Winter Monsoon Winds Strength
Chen Y, Chen J, Liu L, Ji J & Lu H

(2005) Low-Latitude Influence on the East Asian Monsoon Variation: Geochemical Evidence from Chinese Loess Deposits
Liu L, Chen J, Ji J & Chen Y

(2005) Mantle Input Event in Southeastern China at Late Jurassic: Evidence from High Nd Granitoids
Chen J & Guo X

(2005) Stable Isotopic Composition of Pedogenic Carbonates in Chinese Loess Sequences: Information for Paleo-Summer Monsoon Strength
Sheng X, Chen J, Ynag J, Chen Y & Ji J

(2005) Multi-Stage Evolution of the Orthogneiss from Baizhangyan, North Dabie, China
Xie Z & Chen J

(2004) Rheology of Olivine at Mantle Pressures and Temperatures
Raterron P, Chen J, Li L, Weidner D & Cordier P

(2004) Chemical Weathering Rate of Chlorite Determined in the Chinese Loess – Paleosol Sequences
Ji J, Chen X & Chen J

(2004) Wind Sorting and Chemical Weathering Effect on Element Concentrations in the Chinese Loess and its Implications for Paleoclimate Change
Liu L, Chen J, Chen Y & Ji J

(2004) Average Chemial Dendation Flux of Sodium and Magnesium from the Continent: An Approach from the Chinese Loess Study
Zhao L, Ji J, Chen J & Chen Y

(2004) The Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Gaojiapuzi Ag Deposit, NE China
Yu G, Chen J, Qian H & Yang S

(2004) The Coupling Relation between 210Pbex and Organic Matter in Sediments of Enrichment Nutrient Lake: An Example from Lake Chenghai, China
Wan G, Santschi P, Chen J, Xu S, Wu F, Wan E & Yang W

(2004) Defluoridation of Drinking Water by Gibbsite
Wang H, Ji J, Chen J & Xu H

(2004) The ‘Little Ice Age’ Recorded by Sediment Chemistry in Lake Erhai, Southwest China
Chen J & Wan G

(2003) Oxygen Isotope Constraint on Radiometric Disequilibrium in Cpx-Garnetite from the Dabie Terrane
Xie Z, Zheng Y, Jahn B, Ballevre M & Chen J

(2003) Marine Geochemistry of the Rare Earths and Platinum-Group Elements in Cambrian Ocean, Yangtze Platform, South China
Yang J, Jiang S, Ling H, Chen Y, Feng H & Chen J

(2003) Re-Os Dating of Arsenopyrites from the Maoling Gold Deposit, Northeast China
Chen J, Yang G, Yu G, Du A & Qu W

(2003) Defluoridation of Drinking Water by Natural and Synthetic Clays
Wang H, Ji J & Chen J

(2001) Microbial Reduction of Contaminant Metals as Affected by Different Fractions of Natural Organic Matter
Gu B & Chen J

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