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All abstracts by William M. Berelson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Unexpected Biogeochemical Controls from the Santa Monica Basin Revealed in Carbon, Sulfur, and Trace Metal Cycling
Figueroa MC, Gregory DD, Choumiline K, LeMieux S, Treude T, Berelson W, Bates S & Lyons TW

(2018) The Timing of Redox Changes, CAMP Volcanism, and the End-Triassic Extinction from the Levanto Section (Northern Peru)
Yager JA, West AJ, Corsetti FA, Berelson WM, Thibodeau AM, Pinedo-González P, Rosas BS, Bergquist BA & Bottjer DJ

(2018) A New Study on PIC Dissolution and Sinking Fluxes, Concentrations and Calcite/Aragonite Ratios in the North Pacific
Dong S, Celestian A, Turaga N, Rollins N, Naviaux J, Subhas A, Adkins J & Berelson W

(2018) Understanding the Isotopic Composition of Sedimentary Sulfide
Johnston DT, Masterson AL, Alperin M, Arnold GL, Berelson WM, Roy H & Jorgensen B

(2017) Redox State of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle and Evolution of Eukaryotes during Late Neoproterozoic
Prokopenko M, Gaines R, Corcetti F, Loyd S, Zielinski D, Cordova A, Sigman D & Berelson W

(2015) Catalysis of CO2 Sequestration by Reaction with Limestone can Keep up with Global Anthropogenic Emissions
Adkins J, Subhas A, Rollins N & Berelson W

(2015) Novel Measurements of Inorganic and Biogenic Calcite Dissolution Kinetics in Seawater
Subhas A, Adkins J, Berelson W, Rollins N & Erez J

(2015) Multiple Hypotheses for Change in the Cenozoic Carbon Cycle
West AJ, Becker T, Stellmann J & Berelson W

(2015) Dissolved B-Vitamins in Coastal Marine Sediments of San Pedro Basin, CA
Monteverde D, Baronas J, Berelson W, Burdige D, Rollins N & Sanudo-Wilhelmy S

(2014) Quantifying the Cryptic Marine Sulfur Cycle
Johnston DT, Gill BC, Masterson A, Beirne E, Casciotti KL & Berelson WM

(2014) The Dissolution Kinetics of Calcium Carbonate Minerals
Subhas A, Rollins N, Adkins J, Berelson W & Erez J

(2014) Changes in Thermocline Oxygen Concentrations Occurring over Many Timescales: Eastern subTropical North Pacific
Berelson W, Tems C, Fleming J, Deutsch C, Haskell W & Hammond D

(2013) The Isotopic Composition and Controls on Modern Seawater Sulfate
Johnston DT, Gill B, Masterson A, Beirne E & Berelson W

(2013) Net Community and Gross Primary Production in the Southern California Bight Based on Carbon Export, Dissolved O2/Ar and Triple Oxygen Isotopes: Exploration of How the Magnitude and Timing of Upwelling Events may Influence Export Efficiency
Haskell WZ, Prokopenko MG, Hammond DE, Stanley RHR & Berelson WM

(2013) An Abrupt Change in the Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Conditions of Surface Environments in Ediacaran-Cambrian as Recorded in Carbonate Associated Nitrate (CAN)
Prokopenko M, Corsetti F, Gaines R, Loyd S, Kaufman J & Berelson W

(2013) Iron Supply and Cycling on the Oregon-California Shelf: Comparisons with the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone
McManus J, Roy M, Severmann S, Chase Z, Berelson W, Reimers C, Goni M, Abbott A & Muratli J

(2013) Silica and Germanium Cycling in a Coastal Shelf Environment: Insights from Northern Gulf of Mexico
Baronas JJ, Hammond DE, Berelson WM, McManus J & Severmann S

(2013) Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Evaluation of Porewater Sulfate Profiles
Masterson A, Berelson W & Johnston D

(2012) Formation Mechanisms of Carbonate Concretions of the Monterey Formation: Analyses of Clumped Isotopes, Iron, Sulfur and Carbon
Loyd S, Berelson W, Lyons T, Hammond D, Tripati A, Eiler J & Corsetti F

(2011) Corals Constrain CaCO3 Chemistry at the Triassic–Jurassic Boundary, a Potential Ocean Acidification Event
Martindale R, Berelson W, Corsetti F, Bottjer D & West AJ

(2011) Potential for Widespread Microbial Liberation of Structurally-Coordinated Iron from Common Clay Minerals in Marine Sediments
Gaines R, Trang J, Scott S, Crane E, Prokopenko M & Berelson W

(2011) Oxygen Triple-Isotope Evidence for Enhancement of CO<sub>2</sub> Sequestration Efficiency by Diatom-Diazotroph Assemblages in a Giant River Plume
Yeung LY, Berelson WM, Young ED, Prokopenko MG, Carpenter EJ & Yager PL

(2006) The accumulation of Authigenic Metals in Marine Sediments: Proxies for the Ocean's Carbon Cycle
McManus J, Poulson R & Berelson W

(2006) Molybdenum Isotopes in Modern Marine Sediments: Unique Signatures of Authigenic Processes
Poulson R, McManus J, Siebert C & Berelson W

(2005) Molybdenum and Molybdenum Isotope Diagenesis in Continental Margin Settings: Geochemical Balance and Paleoproxy Implications
McManus J, Siebert C, Poulson R, Nägler T, Berelson W & Severmann S

(2004) Molybdenum, Uranium, and Vanadium Diagenesis in Marine Sedimentary Systems: Relation to Organic Carbon Flux and Isotopic Constraints on Mo Diagenesis
McManus J, Siebert C, Bice A, Severmann S & Berelson W

(2004) Molybdenum Isotopes as a Potential Proxy for Net Sulfate Reduction in Marine Sediments
Siebert C, Bice A, McManus J & Berelson W

(2003) The Effect of Benthic Nitrogen Cycling on the δ15N and δ18O of Water-Column Nitrate
Lehmann M, Sigman D & Berelson W

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